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  1. I'd like to upgrade the exhaust. But all I can seem to find is set ups for GT wagons. Does anyone have any expierience with this? Will it work? ID also llike to upgrade the suspension. I've been looking at coilovers, I don't want to drop a whole ton on something like Tien's. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for all the help guys. I should be starting to tear into it this weekend. But I'm finally picking it up tomorrow or thursday! Here's a few pictures
  3. I've been talking to a few guys and they've told me the engine NEEDS to be pulled to do the job. Any opinions on this? I figure it'd be easier to do it that way but I don't have access to one, nor do I really want to spend the money to rent one.
  4. I'm buying an 02 Legacy Wagon from my boss tomorrow. I'm a newer tech (oil chances, tires, small repairs) and I have a few questions. I'm buying the car from my manager who is a former Ford master tach who buys cars, repairs them and sells them for a profit. He has too many cars right now so he told me he'd sell me the Subaru cheap ($500). It has 128k miles, the body is in decent shape, has a brand new cluth (less that 1k miles), but the hook is it needs Head gaskets. I plan on doing it in my garage. I was hoping for some tips on doing this. I plan on doing the water pump and timing belt while I'm in there as well. Question 1: I'm on a budget going to tech school and working part time, Where's the best place to get parts? (I can usually get parts at a slight discount through NAPA at work). Should I use that or order parts online? Any recommended brands to look for and/or stay away from? Question 2: About how many hours (on average am I looking for at this job? Thanks in advance for any help