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    Have a 16' fiberglass mudboat with a ea81 used to dig holes on our marsh duck lease
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    Ea81 mudboat
  1. Putting a ej22 in a mudboat. i have the wiring cut down but have a few wires i dont know where they go. it comes of of pin c16 (red/blue )runs to the engine/exhaust sensor ground plug (6pin). where do i connect the red/yellow stripe wire to. I cut that wire now cant find its place. Thanks for any help in advance
  2. EA81mudboat

    where to buy EA82 SPFI PISTONS

    Thanks for the info
  3. Hello guys, i need some help finding parts for a EA81 build . Looking to do the ea82 pistons and intake along with other mods but not able to find the parts . The motor will be in a south louisiana mudboat that has a 1:1 velvet drive at wot the motor turnes 4,200 rpm and runs 34 mph thanks for any help guys as i am new to subaru's but not hot rodding .