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    Just a guy trying to keep my Subies running strong without breaking the bank.
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    1999 Forester. 2006 Legacy
  1. Thanks for the tips and advice.
  2. Hey everyone. Just upgraded from my 1999 Forester to a 2010 Forester XT. I am still a bit of newbie to the Subaru world, my 99 was the first. I enjoy these cars soooo much . They rock in the snow! Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any advice tips,upgades, anything on my XT that would help in any way shape or form for any reason. This is my daily driver and I want to treat her right and keep her going for a very long time. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your input. After the vehicle warms up it acts like a full size truck in four low when turning. And if I could get a tail for it I am sure replacement wouldn't be hard. I do have have some good mechanical abilities.
  4. I have a 1999 Forester with 185000 miles . It makes a clunking in the front end after driven and warmed up. My mechanic replaced the gear box fluid with original oil and friction additive. But it still has a clunk. It's not as bad as it was but still there. He says the awd clutch pack needs replaced. Thats about $700 So, is there any advantages to say putting a WRX transmission in? Will it mate up to my 2.5? I'm pretty sure I can pick up low mileage trans out of a wreck for less than $700. Just would like to try and upgrade/open my options up a bit.