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  1. Thanks for the tip. I went with new factory parts off amazon, I don't really trust off brands when it comes to suspension.
  2. p0420 doesn't really matter if you dont have inspection though, my cruise still works when it turns on.
  3. That size of general grabber AT2 fit great on my GC wagon back before I got my GD. Trailing arm spacers are very cheap to make and will help back wheel spacing.
  4. Just ordered parts to completely redo my front suspension on my bugeye, and I'm not able to find any threads about how to replace the bushing that bolts into the subframe. I'm assuming using a modified pitman arm puller to push it out would work, but am hoping someone could link me to a good thread about it, been googling it for a while now and cant come up with any good info. Thanks, CL
  5. It's iffy, i think it had 170k and ran, but I recieved the car mid repair (engine out) and never finished it. Are you looking for just the stuff that goes on top of the camshaft?
  6. https://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f70/anti-lift-kit-16800/ Looks like forester control arm bushings work as an anti lift kit (adds castor). I've got the idea that because my car already has subframe spacers and its lifted i should try replacing them with forester bushings to get batter handling
  7. I have a ej22 from a 92 legacy fwd, located in michigan
  8. You talking about these being the same length forester vs impreza?
  9. The transverse links on my lifted 02 outback sport are going out and I cant figure out what replacements would be most beneficial. I'm thinking either an anti lift kit designed for my car, or forester transverse links, but I'm not sure which one will end up giving me the best handling. Anybody have any experience with this? Car is lifted on 05 forester XT struts Thanks- CL
  10. https://annarbor.craigslist.org/pts/d/subaru-rs-ej25-longblock-low/6730408307.html looking to replace my short block and came across this. Advertised as 40k since rebiuld, but pulled to do headgaskets (sounds a little fishy). The cylinders have some slight surface rust and the tops of the pistons look heavily used. I’m thinking I could probably score the short block for $250, but don’t know what to really look for. Any advice would be appreciated!
  11. Seems the engine really does need to be replaced sadly. If anyone wants to buy a 2010 fozzy that "just" needs an engine let me know! I told her to try and sell it to a mechanic. Just wish I could fly out for the weekend and save the car
  12. My sisters 09 forester blew a head gasket and “ocv oil leak”. I’m halfway across the country and can’t really help out, and the shop she went to wants $4700 for a whole new engine, which seems excessive to me. Anyone know anywhere good in Denver to get it fixed? Heard good things about CCR
  13. A/c was serviced probably 8 months ago. When a/c is on and heat is set to cold, you can hear the condenser under the dash trying to fill, but it never does.
  14. This is the cause of my car “loping” like a diesel. I’ve been having near constant a/c problems. Seems like the car is out of refrigerant as well. Anyone seen this before? Time to grab a junkyard compressor?
  15. Go to discount tire and have them check balance, if it gets worse with speed this would be my first guess. Especially if there aren’t any new noises associated with the vibration