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  1. Monstaru is the guy you want to talk to, I know he personally has put escort dizzys on ej22. Not sure if he still hangs around here Here’s a thread from a decade ago, not sure why or how this is what my brain remembers.
  2. Damn. I couldn’t ever work on my BRAT cause I was a broke college kid, and now that I have the money the parts aren’t there. I genuinely cannot find an EA81 rear diff to save my life. Guess I’ll have to throw it on an s10 chassis or something 😔
  3. Been scouring the internet looking for a source on rear axle shafts and have come up short. Hoping to finally get my brat on the trails this year but I need at least 3 new rear CV before I can make that happen Additionally looking for a spare rear axle assembly, I welded mine up and need a spare before heading out into the woods - PM if you’ve got one for sale
  4. I was getting ready to put my junkyard 5mt into my Impreza, and realized the clutch fork from the 2002 trans is too long for the 1996 trans. Should I just order the stock clutch fork for the 1996 transmission and use that? Thanks, CL
  5. Do you think a 2004 WRX transmission would be a better option? I was also concerned about the stub axles, but rock auto made it seem they were the same. Thanks
  6. Hello, My clutch and transmission have both decided to grenade, and I'm having a rough time determining which transmission can fit in my car. I have found a rolled over 2005 forester with what I need, but am not sure if the clutch slave and other things will bolt up between the 2005 and 2002. I know I will need the rear diff so the final drive will match (a welcome upgrade), but will everything else go together or are these too far apart? Thanks, CL
  7. Hello, Currently I have 4 rims off a 92 legacy, 14x5.5 steelies and some 23x7x14 and 23x10x14 atv / rzr tires that I want to throw on my brat. Do you think those tires will fir on those rims? Thanks, CL
  8. It was the exhaust, the hangar for the cats came undone and was scraping against the exhaust
  9. The squeak 100% comes with bumps in the road. It was gone on my drive to my moped this morning but I'm sure it'll be back. It'd be nice if it was those that's an easy fix
  10. My impreza has developed a squeak ever since I got it back from the dealer. I don't think the squeak is suspension, it happens when starting and shutting down the car. Squeak also happens when car is off and you let the hood close with a decent amount of force, making me think it might be suspension. Jabbing the throttle and quickly letting off the throttle can cause the squeak. Bumps also cause the squeak. I took off both serpentine belts and the squeak was still there. Timing kit and water pump are fresh. Not sure what it can be, makes the car sound like absolute crap though :/ Heres the video Any ideas what this might be? Anyone ever had this squeak on their car? Sounds like it's coming from the front Heres the video
  11. While the dealer was pulling up car after failed diagnosis, the car threw misfire for cyl 2 and 4 codes. I never saw these codes. Dealer says replace coil pack, plugs and wires with OEM. ( All good brands, under 20k old, plugs were already OEM). Picked up car after they replaced parts.Dealer says issue is fixed for the most part, just hesitates a little while going down the road. Issue came back within 500ft out of the parking lot. (I knew this would happen). Dealer work order shows mileage in and mileage out at the same reading, so they didn't even test drive it after their $450 "fix" before telling me everythign was alright. Service advisor takes my car for a test drive after I came back, and it did to him what I had brought it in for, after assuring me it was better. On my receipt for the coil/plugs/wires Dealer states front 02 sensor reading wrong, causing bad fuel trim, and rear o2 reading 0v. Dealer states they will not check into this issue because of my UEL headers. I ask why they replaced the other stuff without testing it just because it wasn't OEM, when they had a test saying something else was wrong. Again, dealer states they will not check into this issue because of my UEL headers, won't even try to fix it unless I get OEM headers and axleback back on the car. After a long discussion with the service advisor and his manager I got a full refund. I then walked to parts counter and bought OEM upstream O2 sensor, replaced it on the side of the street a block down the road, and everything is fixed. Annoyingly the O2 sensor I took out was an identical bosch unit as what the counter guy gave me, but this one works for now at least.
  12. I have a three step kit from Eastwood, converter escapsulator and triple chassis black. Enough to do a 2 door keep was a few hundred bucks, stuff works great though, I use it for spot treatment on my car.
  13. Did it for 3 or 4 quarter-half tanks at different gas stations. The issue started a little back in early September, then I picked up my 89 f350 and didn't drive the impreza until nov 3rd. Car pretty much immediately started acting this way, getting worse over time. I don't think the snow made it worse, it slid around just fine the first day or two of snow, now it's unusable until this is fixed. Drives fine at 3k rpm, hopefully the dealer isn't just throwing parts at it
  14. Looks like your link is wrong, could you link to the part page, not your checkout page? Been looking for one of these for a while! Thanks - CL edit : here is the right link. The website lists them as universal, please update on fitment! https://www.autopartsway.com/partlist.cfm?subaru/1985/brat/allsmd/allen/allb/ignition/secondary-ignition/distributor-vacuum-advance
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