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  1. Hi guys! Sorry for my late response - I am just in the middle of my last examinations. Thanks for your input. Being left in the desert doesn't sound nice at all.. I will take contact to some offroad clubs and hear if they are planning to cross the desert, if so, ask if I can go along with them. Thanks / kgoul
  2. I am still planning my adventure in Australia and just red about the Simpson Desert. Would a Subaru Outback be able to conquer places like that, with or without a lift kit? There is a video from the desert here: I have searched Google for my question, and on another forum there was a guy, who had heard about a guy who did it in a Outback.. But what is your opinion? It seems like you know about the Outback's capabilities.
  3. Thanks for your input! I just saved some bucks.. ;-) Yeah, I am sure it will be a great fun!
  4. I am going on my own. I will buy the needed equipment, MAXTRAX, 12v Air compressor, a snatch and a shovel - have I missed something? (But ofcourse that won't help if the vehicle breaks down and the tide is coming.. Fingers crossed!) I won't take too big risks, but if I am surrounded by others I might go a little further..
  5. Okay, that is a definently an advantage with the longer wheel base on the road. But isn't it a disadvantage offroad? Well, I have never been there.. But it should be a exacting offroad drive, due to sand, tide and so on. There is a video from Fraser Island here: That's good with the 2.5, there is a lot of them in Australia.. I think I will go for the manual transmission, but if I can get a decent one with automatic to a favourable price, I might go for that.. How is offroading with a automatic transmission? I should probably mention that I have never been offroading before. //kgoul
  6. Hi guys! Okay, that is also what I have been thinking.. Will the Outback be able to drive around on Fraser Island and other offroad places with it's low clearance? Or will I need to buy a liftkit? And would the 2.5 be suitable for going places like that? // kgoul
  7. Hi. I am going alone on a backpacker journey to Australia in next month where I intend to buy a car. My first car! Obviously it has to be a Subaru - but which one, an Outback or a Forester? I will stay in Australia for five months and I suppose I will drive more than 10.000 km, so ofcourse the fuelconsumption has to be reasonable and the comfort has to be good as well. Since I will be sleeping in the back of the car somedays, it also has to fit to a mattress and some luggage etc. It also has to be great offroading, since I will be going to Fraser Island and other remote areas. I have been keeping an eye on the Outback and the Forester, and the price varies from 2000,- to 3500,- AUD. So wich one gives the most bang for the buck and suits my needs best? And are there something in particular that I shall be aware of when buying a used Subaru? // kgoul, Denmark