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  1. Hey there old friend . 

    Hope you are well. Interested in helping me 2.2 the Brat? Could use some Wyoming Inginuity. How's Brie and the boys? 

    dmachmer@gmail.com Dave 

  2. machthree2

    Retrofitting FAQ

    dmachmer@gmail.com Dave Can we talk about upcoming 86 brat ej ?? tx
  3. Hey there. I'm back in the mix and need some fresh advice. I have had 2 ej swaps, one by me and purchased another. My brat (gear motor) and 5 speed dual range conversion needs a 2.2. I have a odbc 2 donor lined up but would like to purchase a harness. Does anyone know of someone doing these. ? Also what is the fix or standard for radiator fans in a 86 brat. Tx
  4. machthree2

    84 Brat - EA81 - Lift Question

  5. machthree2

    84 Brat - EA81 - Lift Question

    I used an 96 Outback knuckle on my 3 inch. May try a legacy for the two inch. The splines are the same for 81 82 and legacy if I remember. I would go to junkyard.
  6. machthree2

    Strut top angle for 6" lift?

    working on coilovers with adjustable camber top hat. going on Brat with 3 inch lift. The springs are heavy duty and strut fully extended and camber is off without coilover. if this doesn't work, will go with camber bolt on lower control arm to push out. Radius arms should be adjustable enough or may modify. In progress...
  7. machthree2

    Strut Help

    thanks guys .. it's a passion we have.
  8. machthree2

    Wanting to swap my 4-speed for a 5-speed

    Lots of work to do the 5 speed. i lifted my Brat and that posed other problems and don't forget about making a custom driveshaft. i'm planning an ej upgrade and possibly a turbo so the 5 speed was designed for about 25 more horses which i will need. Definitely talk to Jerry and don't forget about the driveshaft cost.
  9. machthree2

    Strut Help

    JesZek and DaveT... thanks for you contribution to the Forum... I did get a pair of 85 Tempo Non Progressive (cant believe I found them). We tried them stock and way too stiff. We ended up cutting them to Original length and getting them on EA81 struts.. That was fun. They work darn well and will be perfect when I put a 70 lb winch on it. I just got my Pugs mounted with new 27" Generals and don't want to ruin them, so I need to address \ / camber. I bought a SP camber bolt kit for the inner control arms but not much room and before I tackle the drilling and welding on that, I was trying the Coil over route. I am going to look into Subaru struts as DaveT has suggested. The problem is the Coil over Sleeves fit right over the shock body, and most after market (Gabriel/Monroe/etc) shocks for EA82 have a wide cap over the seal area where the piston enters. I might just order a cheap EA82 with welded perch and just cut the lower Spring perch away mostly. $19.00. Once this is done, I need to mount the adj. pillow ball plate to my 3 inch lift spacer. I need to use a cutting torch to cut an access hole in the top so I can adjust the top of the strut in and out. Hopefully the Springs that came with the Coil Over Kit will be stiff enough. Most pictures I've seen of Non-Converted EJ knuckled Brats have a measure Positive Camber. I'm going fix that issue once and for all... at least for my little monster. I'll post the entire Coil Over thread once I get it done with pictures.
  10. machthree2

    Strut Help

    I just lifted my Brat 3 inch Boss Kit. I have a super heavy duty bumper and added weight not to mention I'm installing a winch on it phase 2. The stock struts were not strong enough. 2.7 turbo had a nice write up on Tempo springs so I found some and cut them to fit. Great set up but a bit stiff, and height of strut is topped out so I have a Positive Camber issue now. So, I found a thread on Coil Overs and am building now. The first thread uses a coil over kit and an adjustable pillow top (aluminum) It fits the EA81 shock pretty weird. HERE is my question... My friend gave me a spent EA82 strut. It has adjustable screws (lower perch) just like the EA81 and fits perfectly to what I need to finish. I know it is a EA82 based on the top of the piston is different where it mounts the the pillow top, and is a bit longer. My friend thinks that it's off an early Loyale 85-86 or GL. Does anyone know of adjustable EA82 strut shocks? I want the adjustable type because I don't need the "removable" lower perch plate. The EA82 replacement shocks have a permanent perch. I could cut it off. I found some that will work but they are Sachs 031-168 and $100 bucks a pop. Too rich for my blood. TX
  11. machthree2

    4x140 to 5x100 bolt pattern adapters

    I'm interested in two sets, but let me know if you are going forward. Thanks
  12. check vacuum with external guage. Also spray start fluid at carb base to check for leaks..
  13. We put a second filter ( legacy fuel injected) between the front filter and carb. Fuel injected filters are better (finer) at stopping dirt which clogs jets. Old mechanic trick.
  14. Cable hooks to clutch fork. Nice ej22t project. Keep the pics coming and data on harness and exhaust routing. Looking at that mod next summer on my 86! Are you making your own adapter plate? Excited to see the finished product...
  15. Purchased a Loyale with nice 2.2 ej conversion and was converted from a 3AT to 5 speed D/R. Very Nice car but i drive Subarus for the 4WD. The previous owner had studded snows on it in Seattle. He only put it in 4WD on steep snow driveway and complained about having trouble getting it OUT of 4WD. When I purchased the car I barely get the car to move on grass or dirt without jamming the High/Low out in reverse and car on pavement wouldn't even move. On snow, it was down right dangerous and felt like it was "pushing" the steering or no traction in front to steering. Rear Diff said 3.9 and tags were off of the tranny. I put the Loyale on racks and mesured 7.8 turns of driveshaft to 2 rotations of wheels. (3.9?) MUST be the tranny I thought. When I put the car in 4WD and rotated the driveshaft, the front wheels turned at a slower rate than the rear wheels. So ...I put in a different 5 speed D/R 3.9 and Wammy ...It drives perfectly with no fighting front to rear, ? The Math Part. ... Did I have a 3.7 D/R or if my math is right I had to have a 4.1 ? Is it possible to have a 4.1 5 speed D/R that looks just like a 3.9? What a mystery .. but solved. Any thoughts?