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  1. I second the Gates stuff as junk. Had a water pump leak at 300 miles and the rest of the idlers were from China. Like AISIN. All OEM stuff. Fits nice.
  2. Zip, this is a free world. Go where you want, but wouldn't it be interesting to actually have a conversation about why you want to put the coil in in the first place? What if adding the coil doesn't do jack? Or what if the coil had an interesting positive result? Either way, in this polarized world where it is just so easy disagree about politics, to flip people off in the car or tell someone off in the internet, we forget how to respect each other or talk to each other. Maybe if you were across the bar and talking about this with GD, it would turn out different? my 2 cents
  3. Easy Zip tie. Most of these guys will offer free advice and it is usually spot on. Those that are asking for advice can take it or leave it, but don't shoot the advice giver. People won't help you in the future with that kind of attitude.
  4. There is a radio firmware update they applied to my wife's 2018 Impreza radio when we went in for an oil change last time. If was a warranty thing. Can't say for sure, but it took care of a few bugs for her.
  5. This one needs a head gasket. I usually do them while they are out. The parts are less than the 2.5 DOHC too.
  6. You can even sell you engine to someone else that may want to repair it. and some will say fix it and put it back in as it is pretty low miles.
  7. For $250, I have a 95 2.2 in Milwaukee that would be perfect swap for your car. You can also source 2.2's via car-part.com. as well, but they are pretty high mile and cost in your area. Any swap, you should just do HG, timing and seals etc, but it would keep your car on the road longer and it should not be too costly. That is too nice a car to junk for sure.
  8. lol, yes the 06 I had was not very good looking.
  9. I bough a Tribeca with a blown motor. It rode nice, but was under powered for it's size and weight. Not much bigger in the back and once the rear seats were up, no storage room.
  10. The 2000-2004 are great tanks for a kid to learn in. In the rust belt, you should make sure rear sub frame is not rusty. Wheel bearings, Head gaskets, timing belt replacement are all good stuff to look for. I sometimes find a cheap outback with a broken timing belt for cheap. Then fix the heads, do the head gasket and timing belt, idlers, cam o rings etc rear main......you get the idea and while it is up drain and fill the tans with a new spin on trans filter. That way, you pay $250-500 for the car, but can afford to do all the rest of the things that will make it reliable.
  11. You can get timing cover pretty easily at junk yards that have bad blocks.
  12. II have a 95 2.2 in MIlwaukee with an egr in the car still ,but ready to get pulled.