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  1. I have used fel pro head gasket kits with good success for years. I do like the Subaru cam gaskets and thermostats and ASIS water pump timing kits.
  2. curious, I just pulled a bad 2008 2.5 out of an impreza. Could I use that crank and cam sprocket instead so to keep the 2005 mostly intact.
  3. I hate to ask and answer my own question. Can anyone confirm that I can take my 01 engine and heads and swap intakes and pretty much call it a day other than egr?
  4. I think I can just move the 2001 complete with heads over and install the 2005 intake it appears. I think I need to tap an EGR too.
  5. Can I just transplant a 2001 2.5 outback engine into a 2005 2.5 outback or use 2001 heads on the 2005 block? 2005 has a good block ,but bad heads. 2001 had good heads and block, but needs head gasket job and is a rusting body.
  6. the verdict is in..............bad engine. bummer found another and it will go in next week. Thanks
  7. question, where are the screens exactly. Looking for documentation and can't seem to find it anywhere. I see screens for turbo models.
  8. thanks, waiting anxiously for my mechanic to call me.
  9. correction, this is a 2008 impreza not an 06. Sorry.
  10. I have a p0028 currrent and a p0026 pending with p0301, 303 and 304 misfires. the oil is really dirty and overfilled. I have a new filter, new synthetic oil and new vcs and a new oil pressure switch. We re going to drain the oil and take off old filter, clean the two vcs , swap in the new oil pressure switch, put in the new oil and filter and cross our fingers. Hope it is an easy fix.
  11. It turns out there are two codes, p0026 and p0028. Looks to be dirty oil or a bad valve control solenoid. Hopefully an oil change and some brake clean and a valve control sceen clean out will do the trick.
  12. Just bought a 2008 impreza non-turbo with a stick. Engine died on PO. I am assuming the worst that a timing belt broke. Looking for heads or an engine. I am getting quotes for a vin 8 2.5 as it is a vin 8 2.5. Will a vin 7 2.5 work as well? Any other year engines a direct snap in with my 08 intake?