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  1. After looking into more think best bet is go for web carb conversion if needed other than trying for FI SPFI option to get rid of all the problems these old carbs have. Heard a loud pop like gun shoot yesterday outside, and found this: Back 2 were bad to start but fronts have full tread (but old) Knew was going to have to get new ones, after looking guess there are no BF 205/70/13 sold today. Best can do these days is 185/70/13 is only size can buy now. At some point will do the 6 lug Toyota wheel conversion.
  2. I don't fix my cars with chemicals, I do it right or not at all...
  3. Want to keep it now and fix. So got new filter and put some carb cleaner and is running better.
  4. Ok added more gas now runs fine (Can't believe it really takes 3+ gals to pick-up gas.) Got the correct 3 way filter on order (in engine bay) Runs Ok now with old one so could be problem, but have to keep pumping gas peddle to keep it over 2000 rpms and then runs fine if I let off it will die.Did compression test all cylinders are at 170 psi. Wheel in bed is stock and in good shape with center cap and chrome ring, other is the spare.
  5. Looks like I'm dumb As*, 2+ gals of fuel is not enough fuel for (drained empty tank) to flow. Put it on lift without front lift arms on and did a 30+ o angle up and sure enough gas started come out , so can flow so got more gas and hooking everything back up. Will let know how turns out. Thanks for all the help, will for have more questions once can run more than 20 sec coming up.
  6. So, did air blow at 90 psi on hose to filter, heard air and noises in tank and air I think would be upper release, still no fuel... I pulled all coming off tank bottom (looking at back) left was small and did air old gas came out the line goes into frame (fuel to engine) so flushed that out. going to the return I think (has 3 way filter engine bay) So I got that clear now. The right of that just made noise and air. Middle which is fuel same made noise, bubble but no gas out. I took off the fuel sender to look see what is in tank, lots of mist gas air white and scarey. Tank was leaking gas front hole from sender and tried to check fuel gauge which is higher than feeder lines front tank, I want to ask. When That fuel gauge sender off was leaking gas (higher than output hoses) Did I not put enough fuel in... (I only put like 2 to 2.5 gals) in on a total drained tank so you that the tank would not flow now? I know that these hoses are lower than fuel sender should get fuel right. Also that pressure valve (round thing) seems to be working could hear it "click" when put air on the vent line. Anyone know how that fuel tank is made? Does it have baffles or chambers that could stop low gas to flow? Would be if sad if I only need to put 5 gal in for it to work. Fuel going into car (hose that goes into cab to the engine) seems ok after doing feed fuel test, still doesn't run right but fuel is going to filter up front just runs out of gas before can feed it. Any help from tank back -Thanks.
  7. Ok, so will that vavle will stop fuel coming out if it is clogged or not working then? Do you have a link to that manual, a pdf or somewhere else I can download it? I would think if I take the fuel cap off should let enough air in that I can get fuel flowing even if that vavle is broke, correct? I just don't want to do all the work (or pull the tank) trying to get fuel coming out of tank to pump and have it be something else that is not letting it flow like that valve.
  8. Got fuel pump in today, so going to blow out the lines and see if I can get it cleared up. So if I do get fuel line clear I should see fuel coming out without any suction on hose correct? Also should I mess with clearing the vent and return line, if they are clogged up with it stop fuel from flowing?
  9. So off the tank there are 3 lines, left is a goes on around and comes back so must be the vent. Middle hose goes to fuel filter which I get no gas from even when put 25 psi suction on it. 3rd goes to that werd valve thing next to fuel pump then back. Yes I got new fuel pump but burnt up first one cause it had no gas when trying to get it running (got new one on way under warranty -thanks Rockauto!) should be here tommorow. So that valve thing should not be an issue? And should gas flow off line to filter (Yes replaced both of them) or is system on those that will only flow under pressure? I will try blowing air into all lines before I put new pump in see if that clears it, but how do I know if it's clear? Should fuel come out on own or does it have to suction for it to flow? Also I did test power coming to fuel pump and we are good there was getting 12v when I cranked car. Thanks for any help! Car seems to run good but need more than 30 sec running under starter fluid to tell. Here is a pic of that valve I'm talking about, what is it and if cloged or stuck will it stop fuel from flowing? If I do have to take tank out does this bar have to come off or can tank slide out around it?
  10. Hello Subaru Lovers... Read at bottom to help top is just about car. I have a question for you guys that maybe you can help me with. I have been a Honda and VW (old ones) for years but new to this car. So for quick story traded some work for an 86 Subaru bra rust free AZ car, (fixed his Honda) and got it home and just loved it and want to keep it! T-tops 4x4 and boxer motor that I have worked on for years before on type I-V VW got it. IT's the same but not cause there is water in violved. So I ask you as a community to help restore this great car to it glory. And to all the haters I say "It's Got T-Tops"! ok, The tags on car are AZ 97 so last time was on road. Guy before he got it gave it to him for some job, so been sitting for while. I found it and was from the last guy he said had bad pistion (#3) got it and have it here now. Did compression test 170 psi pass right was 160/165 +/- which I think is good. I have restore old VW Westfalia and they big $ now, but as they are cool I still want to keep this car alive. Also I know what that means and to come on getting it running. So car is rust free AZ car title search is AZ all the time no rust, other than little expected litle in bed, easy fix and everything is there and works. So you read about car, Quston of car, I knew was sitting for 10+ under cover that gas would be bad and turn to you all know what into, so I pumped it all out. Put new gas in (4+ gal) and now with new pump and or and pump or suck a drop. The gas that came out wasn't that bad, I've done old 911 that sat for 30 years in rusty area and this was clean. So my question to you all, help me get this car back on road. Yes there could be plug somewhere which I will check, or tank is that gumed up, which will take and get tank cleaned. But what I don't understand it's a carbarted system with 4-8 psi why doesn't goop break fee? Question I have to ask that subi may know. tank has 3 hoses hanging down next to fuel pump so when it was parked there was a problem with getting fuel, I have ran the car under starter fuilded and sounds fine, what is that cyclender (small) thing on the 3rd hose and is it a air thing that's keeping the fuel from flowing if not blockage? Anyone have pictures or digramas to show how that old fuel system works, and or do I have to take real end out to get fuel tank out to get it cleaned? To be more clear, 3 lines come from tank - ones goes to fuel filter, which I get nothin, 2nd goes over in loop, 3rd goes to small capsal thing and back. Any Pics or ideas would be great. Thanks for any help