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  1. I searched "driveshaft slop" and driveshaft play" and read a posting that you could turn the driveshaft with the transmission in park. Maybe I misread. Yes, meant to say I turned the driveshaft in both directions at least 1/4 turn maybe a little more than that. 1/2 turn total. The car is going to the shop Tuesday so I'll get another pair of eyes to watch. Also have a talk with the mechanic about the transmission.
  2. First time posting. I've searched the forum for a similar problem but haven't found anything. I've owned the Outback since new. 221,000 miles with no major problems. Fluid and filter changed on normal schedule by Subaru. AT fluid looks great. The problem I have is that the transmission does not shift to 4th sometimes typically after cresting a hill and going downhill. A slight press on the accelerator and the transmission will shift automatically to 4th. If I do not increase pressure on the accelerator, the car will continue to run in 3rd all the way downhill. When I'm not driving in the mountains, I don't notice a problem with shifting into 4th. Other than the problem described, the transmission shifts through all the gears as normal. This may not be related but I have noticed slop or play in the drive train similar to worn universal joints in a driveshaft. Sometimes taking off from a stoplight I feel a slight delay then a soft clunk as the car begins to move. I also notice this same sound, sometimes, when coasting then starting to go uphill. While the car was on a car lift I turned the driveshaft by hand to watch/feel for any sloppiness. First I was shocked that I could turn the shaft (3/4 turn) a lot in both directions. From reading other postings, I think this is normal...? At this point I'm trying to learn what I need to check or do. It may be time to buy another Outback. Thanks for any responses.
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