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  1. Thank you for the input. Sounds like front seats are no issue but the rear seat is more tricky. The question is will an older Impreza rear wagon seat fit? (I see seats from a ‘99 Impreza for sale locally). Also wondering if anyone has put a 1st or 2nd gen Legacy rear wagon seats in a 2nd gen Impreza wagon
  2. Never heard of a car company doing something like that... I know Subaru is pushing folks a lot harder than a few years ago to replace the airbag inflators. Since I picked up the 2005 Outback Sport last year, I've gotten numerous notices from Subaru about the recall, one even offering a discount on parts. I also received one form the DMV. I'd get it done but the car just sits in the yard and there no convenient Subaru dealers nearby. In my case, if SOA sent a guy over to the house, I'd probably say "have at it"
  3. If Foroester sears will bolt in, or bolt up to my Impreza risks I wouldn’t mind them. I really like the seats in my 2003 Forester but I believe all of them have airbags and I don’t want to mess with that since my car doesn’t have side airbags. over at the 2nd gen Legacy forums I’ve read that WRX (aka 2nd gen Impreza) wagon seats will fit both front and back into 2nd gen Legacy’s, do Om wondering if they will swap in the other direction.
  4. The seats in my 2005 Outback Sport wagon have seen better days. Interested in swapping both front and rear seats from another Subaru wagon but curious what would interchange with little modification. Im guessing no issues with seats from any 2002- 2007 Impreza or WRX wagon. Would seats from 2nd gen Legacy or Outback fit? Also curious what generation Forester seats might fit.
  5. I did swap tires with the Legacy and there was no change in the noise, so I've confirmed it's not the tires. While I was test driving, I did take a video where you can hear the higher whining noise in the background. Please take a listen and let me know what you think.
  6. Update- Today decided to swap all wheels and tires with my '98 Legacy GT to see what would happen with the vibration. Both sets of wheels and tireds are the same size, both have about 3k miles on them. The vibration at around 45- 50MPH was still there a little bit, but just barely noticeable. I then drove the Legacy with the Impreza tires and felt a little bit of vibration or maybe just road feel, which may be the cheaper Sumitomo tires, or maybe one or two tires that weren't balanced well when installed. Also, while I had the Impreza up on stands, I examined the driveshaft and u- joints. The driveshaft turned smoothly by hand and I could not observe any play with any of the 3 u-joints when turning it back and forth, and changing direction. There was some play in the transmission and rear differential, however.
  7. The vibration doesn’t seem to vary when letting go off the accelerator. It also is about the same in front wheel drive when the driveshaft is just spinning free with the rear differential.
  8. That's a good point. I'm thinking of swapping all 4 wheels from my smooth riding Legacy (same size tires) and seeing how each vehicle drives afterwards.
  9. One question that pops into my head regarding u-joints- wouldn't I expect the vibration to be less when the driveshaft is not under load (just spinning with the rear differential) when i put the car in front wheel drive? In comparison, the whine from the rear differential goes away in front wheel drive.
  10. Aftermarket axles but there was more vibration before they were replaced so don’t think they’re the culprits what is involved with dropping the driveshaft. Looking underneath, it looks involved getting to it- it appeared the exhaust system may be in the way?
  11. Tires were all a brand new matched set. I tried swapping in a spare for each tire and have rotated them with no change. We changed the diff fluid after this started with no change
  12. Here’s another point about the noise- it started the same day I had new tires put on the car. Eliminated it being tire noise itself- makes me wonder what the tire place could have done that would affect wheel beariings
  13. As a follow up, the vibration I felt on acceleration went away when the new front axles were installed (the old ones had flung a lot of grease out of the inner CV joints). The whine from the rear still persists but practically disappears when in front wheel drive only. I also get a slight vibration at highway speed that doesn't vary on turns or whether in FWD or AWD. Wonder if both symptoms could be wheel bearings, and if so, how to check to be sure (since they are pricey for my mechanic to replace).
  14. Took it on a long drive the other day. The vibration is most pronounce around 50- 55 MPH. I put it in FWD briefly but doesn't seem to change when I checked it this time. Doesn't seem to vary on turns. It's just there. I had been thinking driveshaft u-joints, but I would think that would have diminished some when in FWD and not under load (like my rear differential whine does).It also doesn't seem to be worse when under load or accelerating. U-joints is my main worry (in case it decides to randomly self- destruct going down the road) otherwise it's not really bad enough to really worry about when driving. Just hoping it doesn't result in some catastrophic failure if I can't diagnose it right away.
  15. Put in the new coolant temp sensor but no difference in the fan operation. It kicks on after a few miles and appears to stay on. Again, it's just the passengers' sa(right) side fan on my car and the other fan is activated when the A/C is turned on. It must be some other electrical issue.