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  1. lilySapphire

    Had Clutch replaced and need guidance

    Thanks for all of the ideas and feedback; I love this community. You're probably right about the fluid being low and now that it's as it should be, the worn seal is showing. I've always been amazed that this old beast didn't leak anything.. I should've known better. Also, relieved that I"m not missing anything that should be in those bolt holes. I'll start looking into the support bracket for the exhaust too.
  2. lilySapphire

    Had Clutch replaced and need guidance

    Thanks for the reply, I was going to wash it all down this weekend and see if that helps to see where the source might be. I guess my main concern was about those bolt holes, for all of the work I've done on my car, I don't think I've ever REALLY looked at the undercarriage and don't have any pictures to verify if there was something there before. But, doesn't sound like it set off any alarm bells with you. If it leaks, it leaks and I'll have to pay someone to rip it apart again and replace all the seals in the process. Also, here's an album of Brat-Lee for full body pics: http://imgur.com/a/wmzmS
  3. Hi guys, I had my clutch replaced a few weeks ago by a subaru shop in town. I've got 1983 BRAT. I only drive it about 20 miles a week so I thought that the burning smell i noticed afterward was just breaking in the new parts. However, I noticed a slight puddle in my garage and went to investigate. My car never leaked any fluids before this. I could see marks where something had been dripping- noted in the pic. I've got a few questions.- Is it normal for it to be soo gunky? meaning, have I had a leak for a while and just never noticed? Should something be bolted to those holes? I also feel like it's been running a little rough in 3rd and 4th gear but I'm not sure if I'm just used to how my car used to run before the new clutch. Any advice or input would be great. http://imgur.com/a/206x7
  4. Hi, Welcome. I don't know any specific rules off the top of my head that restrict being able to post. I've found almost any issue that I was trying to troubleshoot or fix had already been posted at some point. THe search feature is great. We love seeing the progress pics, so take them and post. Good luck and have fun.
  5. lilySapphire

    Longest Ride in BRAT Jump Seat?

    Well, it wasn't a ride in the back, but I went to a drive-in movie last weekend and we sat in the back seats for about 90 minutes. It wasn't really very comfortable.. or maybe my rump roast is "not the right type" to fit comfortably in the seat for extended periods.
  6. lilySapphire

    Howdy! I just bought a barn-find 85 BRAT.

    I love seeing posts like this. Nice find.
  7. lilySapphire

    Blowing relay fuses like crazy....

    I had this exact same problem. I never figured it out, I ended up just taking the relay out, it was an issue with starter contacts anyway. Here is a link to that thread: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/151570-starter-problem/?do=findComment&comment=1271503 About half way down, I post a link to pics of my setup too. Someone mentioned that I may have used the incorrect relay, I had purchased a recommended one from some other thread I found here.
  8. lilySapphire

    Barn Find in Argentina Gen1 Brat

    NICE!! Any plans for upgrades?
  9. lilySapphire

    clutch cable replacement

    Did you take pics? I may need to do this and the Haney manual always needs additional info.
  10. lilySapphire

    Starter problem?

    On the diagram for the relay, it shows 86 as the yellow wire and says to ground it. Also, the connector at the end is a metal loop, nothing that I could connect to the starter or the ignition. I guess if that time comes, I'll just pay someone to install it correctly since I can't make heads or tails of what you all are trying to tell me about the relay. I seriously checked the diagram so many times and my setup looks right. I guess it would be worth the 100 bucks or whatever to have someone else do it since I'm too dumb for it. Link to pics of setup: http://imgur.com/a/VZJM6 And, just for the record, I didn't replace the starter, just the contacts. Parts were 13 dollars and definitly needed replacing, they were extremely mishapen with jagged edges and worn almost all the way down.
  11. lilySapphire

    Starter problem?

    I posted pics of my setup, just like the diagram shows. Also, you mention Unused #87a.. I don't have this wire. I have the yellow one which I grounded (and tested the ground) the red one goes to the starter on the same bolt that the battery cable is hooked to, the blue wire goes to the ignition cable that normally goes to the starter, and then the black wire completes the connection to the starter. Now, all wires are used. If you could tell me how my setup is wrong and keeps blowing the fuse, I'll attempt to put it back in. Otherwise it just seems a waste of time for me. See the link I posted above to pics of the setup.
  12. lilySapphire

    Starter problem?

    Yep. I took out the relay. Pulled the starter (One bolt on top corner, one on lower diagnal corner but accessible from top) pulled the cover of starter and replaced the connections and plunger. Had some minor issues with a stuck bolt but nothing too major. Put starter back on and BAM!! Brat-Lee (or, the General as I sometimes call him.) is starting up every time. Thanks for all the help and troubleshooting assistance, guys!
  13. lilySapphire

    Starter problem?

    Thanks, Hatch. I've got the manual if I get too stuck on getting the starter out. I'll update y'all on how it goes.
  14. lilySapphire

    Starter problem?

    oye, so I bought the BOsch relay kit mentioned, it seemed super simple to install, gave it a try and it did the usual click with no attempt to turn over, then any try after that I didn't get the click any more. I double checked my battery again, verified that the ground I had for the relay was good then I checked the 15 (amp?) fuse that was in the relay and it was blown. So, I put in a new one. Again, one click, then nothing after that.. fuse blown again. I must've done something wrong on the setup. Either way, still getting the click on the try that blows the fuse so I'm going to take the relay out. I've checked my setup over and over again and I have no idea what I did wrong, it's so simple. I guess I'm going to try out the suggestions that Dave gave above. Maybe it really is my starter..? I bought new contacts "Just incase." but I'm not quite sure how to get my starter off, I think one of the bolts is on the under side. Link to pics of setup: http://imgur.com/a/VZJM6
  15. lilySapphire

    Starter problem?

    RAD! Thanks, I75eya. Exactly what I was looking for.