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  1. The body of my GL wagon is sitting 3/4" low on the front driver's side. The struts are old/original, so I plan on replacing them to (hopefully) level things out. My mechanic wonders if the front driver's spring may have lost its temper and is part of the height problem, is this possible? If so, where do I find a new front spring?
  2. Thank you Loyale2.7Turbo for sharing the details of your suspension mods - I am impressed an encouraged! I have since located a set of "1988 Leone Mk. II Estate" springs overseas, but am not thrilled about the shipping price. Before I retrofit or pay a fortune for shipping, does anyone happen to have the factory specifications of the OEM coil springs OR know where I can find them? Kindest thanks, S
  3. Thank you John, that makes good sense and I will pass it on to my mechanic. Working around the lack of replacement Subaru springs, he tells me most VW and Toyota springs are direct replacements - that's a big hurdle crossed. Thanks again.
  4. I'd like to swap out the driver's seat for something newer and more comfy. I don't care what it looks like but I don't want to do a lot of modification. Are there any particular seats I should consider looking for at the PnP? I DID managed to add some comfort to the butt-pad part of the stock seat a few years back by trading the butt-pad from the passenger side seat however newer car seats are much more comfortable on my blobby shape. It's the same pad, but(t) you just need to switch the plastic trim to the other side. Historically I have not been shy about periodically removing the seats/backs, taking them to the DIY carwash and pressure sudsing then rinsing them. Same with the carpet. Funky smells be gone! ###