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  1. Coolant In the rad is full. Got an oem t stat in there that was put in about 16000 miles ago. Hoses are good and I will check the fans tomorrow. Thanks for the specs on the tstats Rampage
  2. I have an 05 forester with a 2.5 n/a as my daily. The car sees a 15 min hwy drive almost everyday on my drive to a from work. During that time I have a BlueDriver obd reader feeding live data to my phone. For the longest time, the car has stayed at a rock-solid 187 degrees during cruise at 60 mph. Yesterday I noticed that it climbed all the way to 210 before settling back down to 198. Coolant is full. When I got out to feel the rad hoses, upper one was hot while lower one was stone cold. I’m thinking I have a sticking thermostat, but wanted a second opinion. Am I freaking out over nothing?
  3. Okay got it. Thanks for the clarification. I put the full size spare in the passenger rear and moved the original passenger rear to the front where the bad tire was. Hopefully I can find a used Brigstone Ecopia in town that has about the same wear
  4. Doesn’t the tread depth change the circumference? Therefore I should be worried about tread depth?
  5. So one of my tires decided to contract cancer... and the bulge has started to make the bead slip. The tread depth difference between my full size spare and the other tires is just over 0.100”. Can I run my spare for a little while without hurting the diffs if I put in the 2wd fuse? Just until I can get a used tire that has similar enough tread depth...
  6. Thanks! I'll skip it then and spend my $30 on something more useful.
  7. So ive been toying around with the idea of putting a cheap catch can on my daily (05 forester, 2.5 SOHC). I have heard that there is a much bigger benefit if you have a turbo, but since mine is naturally aspirated, what, if any benefits would I see from installing a catch can?
  8. Quirkparts.com is where I get most of my oem stuff. I find their prices are typically slightly better than the dealer https://www.quirkparts.com/
  9. Sweet. Ya got me sold. What are your thoughts on ceramic pads? Are they worth it or is semi metallic the way to go?
  10. Looking for some new front brakes for my forester XS. The car is my daily but it does see occasional long drives where it will experience periods of braking on hills. Anyone have any experience with either of these brands from RA? I am just looking for quality brakes that won’t warp easily under average use/conditions, I don’t need anything fancy or track-rated. Power Stop: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=10181964&cc=1430723&jsn=11573 Durago: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=10701256&cc=1430723&jsn=11576
  11. Update: I decided before I tried the Tactix cable, I would just see if throwing a new A/F ratio sensor in would do anything. So, after installing a new Denso P/N 234-9122, my light has not come on for 92 miles now. So it appears that my front o2 sensor went bad early for some strange reason
  12. https://www.subarupartsforyou.com/oem-parts/subaru-pcv-valve-11810aa131?origin=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2v7mBRC1ARIsAAiw34_iHKBti9tURJTUOJAhKQvrPOIA7cMeznqObnJZ9oW-8G_0sKhxGQEaAompEALw_wcB
  13. Hey all. Its been awhile. Got a 2005 Subaru Forester XS with the SOHC EJ25 N/A. Since around March, I've had a code P2097 off and on, and within the past month it has become a constant code. So far I have replaced the downstream O2 sensor (Denso replacement), the air filter, and the front A/F sensor was replaced with OEM only 11,000 miles ago so I am very hesitant to replace that one again. My short term fuel trim hangs around -2% to +3 on the highway, and long term trim stays around +4.7%. I have been told that those numbers are "normal" but please educate me if that is not true. My MPG is 23 - 24, and the car sees a mixture of city and short term hwy driving... so i believe that is a pretty average fuel econ. Is it possible my ECM needs to be reprogrammed? Other Information: Car idles smooth as silk at around 650 - 670 RPM Car starts great Engine response feels peppy (as peppy as a 4EAT can be) Car does burn some oil (quart every 1200 - 1500) Does not have any obvious fuel leaks at the injectors, fuel pressure regulator, etc. I do run some MMO thru it every other fill up The following was also replaced around 12,000 miles ago: Head gaskets (OEM) Spark plug wires (NGK) Spark plugs (NGK) I have not done any fuel pressure or cat back pressure tests, would those be good to do? Thank you all for any insight.
  14. The shocks on my 2005 Forester XS are prettty tired and I’m looking to get new ones. I was gonna go with KYB all around but I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Gabriel brand since they are about $20 cheaper.