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    I bought a used Forester, then ran the engine out of oil. Shortly thereafter, I became very interested in engine rebuilding. I have a mechanic in the family, so I'm familiar with what's under the hood. I also ride a Honda Shadow.
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  1. I finally got around to getting the cams out. I don't have any experience spotting "normal wear" and damage to these things. Hopefully these pictures show well enough for someone to give me their opinion. This is just the left side for now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Pardon the hair 9. 10. Am I alowed to post that many pictures? If I'm not misled, it looks like the outer cap (pics 7-10) are much better off than the inner side. Is this normal wear, or should I consider replacing? Engine had a little more that 70k miles. Camshaft checks out okay on the minimum. If the caps are no good, what are my options? I don't know if it's in my budget to buy new heads. Thanks for the help so far guys, and thanks in advance!
  2. I'm trying to do a complete disassemby, not just the HGs. And there are actually 6 not just 4 of them. Got myself a factory manual thanks to [HTi]Johnson in the endwrench article thread. Thank!. Says it's a TORX PLUS 4O. Aparently that exists. Hate to be that annoying guy that answers my own questions. I'm learning here.
  3. As a rule, I don't give much credibility to CARFAX. I'm not disceditiing their integrity as a company, but many instances in a car's life can go unreported. I own a car that has clearly been in at least one major accident, however nothing of that was on the CARFAX report when I purchased the car.
  4. Getting ready to remove the caps from the heads, I ran into a dilemma. Does anybody know what these are off the top of their head? Looks like TORX 40, but it has a lot of play. Hex 5.5mm fits pretty snug, but it can't be a hex. I don't want to risk damaging the bolt heads.
  5. True words. I'm hoping to avoid any major puchases directly from the dealer to make the rebuild more cost effective. That's how I feel. I'd much rather have what's already in there. Good tips. I'll try your search methods. Thanks for the run-down, guys. I guess all I can do is crack it open and see what the damage is. Hopefully the block isn't toast. It's ready to pull, so maybe I'll do that this weekend. Again, any info on part compatability is much appreciated.
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    Thank you, Olnick. Glad to hear I put it in the correct forum. I'm already getting replies.
  7. Here's my situation: I bought a used 2005 Forester X 2.5L SOHC w/ 4-speed Auto Trans with 65,000mi. About a year ago I ran it out of oil (and I'll never hear the end of it). Sounds like a rod is knocking. Between my dad and my brother who is a VW tech, I can get the engine in and out of the car. The problem is that I'm finding it insanely difficult to find info on this engine as well as the car's compatability with other engines. The info off the timing cover reads: EJ253BXSAB-0D8 459576 LC 10 Don't know how to interpret this past the 253. I want to rebuild the engine, but having mostly worked with GM vehicals (I'm the first in the fam to own a Subaru) I know little about these.I thought maybe it would be smart to drop another engine in while I rebuild so that the car is driveable, but the only exact match available through LKQ is nearlly $2,000 shipped. A bit pricey. I was told over the phone by an engine salesman that an EJ20 would drop right in and that the 06+ EJ253s would not, but I have no idea how they would and would not match up. Also, I've learn from experience not to take the words of a salesman to heart. I understand the basics of engine timing, but I don't know how the ECU compatabilites differ between models. I realize I'm asking a lot but I'm just at a loss and need help. If experience were not a factor, would it be a good option to start the rebuild? Or is there another inexpensive option for interchanging? I realize there is a lot of good info in these forums so If something has already been discussed, I'd appreciate a link.
  8. Hello, all. I go by Jeffrey or Jeff. I'm from the Dallas area. I've got a 2005 Forester X that has been sitting due to engine problems. I'm finally getting around to it and I figured it's about time I start looking for help from people that actually know what they're talking about. But seriously, reading through some posts you all seem like a great bunch of people. Looking forword to learning a lot, and hopefully even contributing some of my own in the future. The more I learn about Subarus the more I like them. I'm having fun already.