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  1. My car is a 2000 subaru outback 2.5l motor, but the date of manufacture is June 1999 <<useless information? anyways Ive never seen this before so i might just opt for a different flywheel and wait an extra week....but then again im still out of a car to drive...whats the chances of a shop pressing in the center piece cock-sided? Again thanks for all the replys
  2. Hey guys im currently doing a clutch replacement and since it has over 200k miles on it i just bought a new flywheel from Napa and i didnt notice that it was missing the center piece where there has 6-8 holes for the flywheel bolts...i'll upload pics down below. this flywheel has the center peice this flywheel does NOT have the center piece from napa.... Now my question is do i return it for a flywheel that has the center piece or am i suppose to buy the center piece and press it in? a quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again US community!
  3. your right it does stop when its warm enough....thanks a bunch!! you just saved me BIG bucks =D but still it worries me sometimes...how can you fix it? higher octane gas?
  4. Hi guys, im not yet a subaru owner but looking to get a subaru running again. a friend of mines got a 2002 legacy gt 5 spd no rust but theres a knock in the engine so its pretty much dead...a few days later i deiced to stop in at a junkyard looking for honda parts and theres this 2011 subaru side swiped wrx and they only want $1500 for the motor since tranny is junk. now the question is can i swap the 2011 motor into the 02 legacy with no problems or what will i need? thanks in advance also i would like some reply someone else steals the deal.