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  1. hey all, I recently acquired a 1990 legacy. Drove it for a couple days, then all of a sudden I'm driving along and all of a sudden the car dies instantly with all electrical gone. Checked the battery and alternator and both are good. Tracked it down to the fusible link in the underhood fuse box, which had blown. So i grabbed another one, put it in and as soon as i hooked the battery up it blew up. Pulled all the fuses in the box, put in another and smoked it too. So i'm at a loss. I'm new to Subaru's, anyone have electrical issues like this before? I don't know what would be upstream of the fuse panel that, with all fuses removed, would be smoking this fusible link like that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Well I already pulled the whole fuse panel apart to see exactly that. There was a bunch of grease in there all over everything but no visible short damage. I cleaned it all, put it back together and still have the same short at the fusible link. As far as the two fuses closest to it, which two are you referring to? The two closest of the three 45 amps?
  3. Hi there, So I just bought a high mileage 1990 subaru legacy with the 2.2l and auto trans. I went into it knowing there were some issues to resolve, those being primarily leaking valve covers and some throttle body issues. While talking to the seller he told me that the alternator had recently gone bad and that he had replaced it with a junkyard one. He assured me he'd had it tested and it tested out well. I drove the vehicle a few days to figure out some of it's quirks before I dove into the project. After a thorough cleaning of the engine bay I drove about five miles, noticing some serious electrical malfunctions with the gauges and the headlights dimming, and eventually the car died from a lack of electrical power. Obviously, I jumped at the alternator. Pulled it and the battery out. Took the battery to work (I work at a Chevrolet dealership) for a full charge and a diagnostic to make sure that it was not in fact the problem. Battery tested great, so I charged it fully and put it back in the car. Next came the alternator. Again, took it down, got it bench tested and it too tested out fine. So I came home, installed everything again, hit the key and it starts right up. I hopped in to take it for a test drive and made it maybe 100 yards down the road before the whole vehicle just shuts off like someone hit an on/off switch. The only time I've ever had electrical failure to that extent is when the battery cables aren't properly hooked up, so I checked everything out and it's all hooked up fine. Tried to jump it with my Jeep and the motor still wouldn't turn over. So like I said, I'm a newbie to the Subaru world, so I was wondering if there's some engine ground that may have come loose that wasn't readily apparent or if there might be a fuse or relay that would cause these symptoms. It's very clearly all of a sudden not getting power to the starter and I can't figure out why. Any help is appreciated.
  4. No, I thoroughly cleaned both the posts and the connectors. A friend of mine theorized it could be that the ECU just up and quit, but that seemed like a bit of a stretch to me.