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    Home is Olympic Peninsula of Washington , born and bred in southern Indiana. I love to knit, sew, fish, camp, game, and I make a living as a Medical Technologist. I have 5 kids and really just love life.
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    2002 Impreza , 2015 BRZ Series Blue
  1. It's just the equivalent of "I don't wanna grow up!"...I could use some of C&C's stuff though. Heh. I love it out here, Only lived here just over a year. Nice to see someone from Seattle around here. Breezy came from Seattle, actually. Thanks for the welcome.
  2. Hello fellow Subie lovers! I am Tink and I hail from Port Townsend, Washington. I just brought home the second Subaru on the 19th, She's a 2015 BRZ Series Blue and she's more beautiful than photos can show. I myself am 38, mother of 5, a scientist for a living, born and raised southern girl who transplanted up here. Breezy is the only BRZ in town and she sure does get a lot of attention. Sadie, her older sister, is a midnight blue 2002 Impreza who just had a new engine dropped in her. The third one to join is a few years off yet...but that's going to be a WRX STI. Wanted the launch edition but couldn't make it work in such a short time. Glad that getting the special series blue BRZ worked out in such a short time. Pics are in the BRZ section. Glad to be aboard!!
  3. Hey folks! I just brought home my new BRZ last Saturday the 19th...I am in LOVE. This is my second Subaru...the first being a 2002 Impreza (Sadie) that just had a new engine dropped in (thanks to a shoddy mechanic who didn't replace something he said he did. Sometimes it's not a good idea to trust friends of the family). I am putting pics up of her. I call her Breezy but sh'es more like a hurricane. I get stares and people stop me to say how beautiful she is. The EMT's at work have even asked my ER nurses who's car that is ...I couldn't be more pleased with how she handles. Purrs like a kitten, pounces like a cheetah. I had to have the dealership track one down for me. They didn't even know what a "series Blue" was, he thought I meant the color. Once I gave him a VIN number of one elsewhere in the state, he was able to locate her and have her brought up from Seattle for me. We also have a 1998 F150 (Frodo) just for hauling things to the Shire...I mean home. Living in the middle of the woods, you tend to confuse it for a shire sometimes. Glad to be here! First post done!