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  1. Yeah, fluid level is good. I can't complain because of the miles and age but since the pulley spun so well I wasn't 100%. But I can't put the pump under the stress with my hand though either.
  2. The car is a 2000 Outback Legacy. A year ago the serpentine belt snapped, tonight it snapped again. I think the power steering pump is going out, the belt itself squealed once in awhile at slow engine speed when turning the wheel. Tonight before replacing the belt I spun the alternator and pump wheel to see if the bearings maybe going bad but of course I can't spin it fast like the engine. The pulleys spun good, I replaced the belt and the same thing is happening with squealing at low engine speeds when turning the wheel. I'm pretty sure the belt isn't too tight becuase I made sure it had a little play like the belt behind it but didn't want it to walk off the pulleys. Do you think it's the pump or the belt being too tight? I've always had vehies with a tensioner so it always adjusted itself unlike these engines. Any insight is appreciated! Note it has 240k miles, don't know if pump is original
  3. Well I got the bolt out this morning. I drilled from the threaded end into the split and then used a punch and beat the bolt out. The BJ is changed, and the Muffler is done. I have never worked on a vehicle that caused so much headache just to change out a bj but then again I'm used to working on trucks and I swear they're easier to work on lol. Thank you all for the helpful suggestions.
  4. Good advice fellas! I was considering going in from the other way but then didn't want to screw up the threads (went to Subi dealer today for new bolts) but putting in a larger and longer bolt wouldn't be a bad thing! It sure beats the price of a new knuckle. And yeah I'll be the guy fixing it next time, getting the woman a newer Subi and going to DD this thing until it decides to quit or rusts away, it's at 229k so far. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Went to replace the right ball joint and the bolt moved about an 1/8th of an inche and the head snapped off.... I drilled into the bolt and went to drill the right size extractor into the bolt and the extractor snapped off inside the bolt. At this point I'm pretty ticked off, a simple job that turned into a big PITA. Thinking about just having a garage take it from here, I hate having other people touch my vehicles especially ones that charge out the butt but I've had enough and feels like I'm out of options. The car is due for inspection so it needs done ASAP, anyone local to Centre Hall,PA want to help in removing this? Lol.... Any advice for this situation? The extractor isn't easy to drill into like the bolt. ???? 2000 Outback Legacy.
  6. The driver side low beam is not working. I have checked the fuse in the fuse box under the hood and tested the relay in the box as well and its working correctly. The plug going to the headlight looks fine....Is there a common issue with this generation of Legacy? Anything specifically to look? I appreciate any helpful advice as to where to start looking. Right now it's looking as if I'm going to have to trace wires.
  7. Sent you a message. Thanks.
  8. You're awesome. Just knowing what its suppose to be is enough help, I will just buy two of those. Thanks!!!!
  9. I have a request....anyone that's viewing the thread, could someone share a picture of what the key fob is suppose to look like for this car? The car didn't come with one so if you lock the door and unlock with the key in the door, the alarm likes to go off. I want order one from ebay but they're showing 2 or 3 different styles for this car. I didn't know if they all interchanged or not like Ford does with many styles....
  10. Sorry I didn't respond, forgot to subscribe to my own thread! Use to the Explorerforum it always automatically subscibed me. But it has the 2.5 4Cyl I love this car, only been a couple days but I love it. Never thought I would ever buy or own a Subaru unless it was one from the early days when you could select 4wd. I'm impressed with the handling this has for being a sedan. I'm a truck/suv guy and always will be but this is a nice second ride. My wife will be driving it more than I will after this week but I may end up having to buy another one for myself....
  11. Hey, joined the forum when I was thinking of purchasing an old Subaru for winter and was concerned about the enagagment delay in drive. Got that all cleared up and followed what I was told by adding Trans-X last night and so far so good. But yeah I'm from PA purchased a 2000 Legacy Outback Limited, its in pretty descent shape for its age, there is a smalll rust spot right behind the back door on both the driver and passenger side above the gold. I know y'all have seen Subarus before but here's what I picked up.....
  12. Yeah I had notice when putting it in the car last night that it was very thin....and the car went into drive when I tried it this morning. I've never heard of an additive actually helping a car so this is pretty cool.
  13. I followed the suggestions, I figured the "conditioner" the tech put in was either weak or just snake oil. I put a quart of Trans-X in it, ate supper went out and waited for the trans to engage drive and drove it about 5 miles through town and then a back road. I tested it on a couple hills but being warm I couldn't be sure that it fixed the issue even though it didn't engage going to park then drive when warm earlier today. I let the car cool down to almost non operating temperature and started it again and put it in drive and it immediately engaged. Tomorrow morning will prove whether or not it has really helped, to me it seems like it. I figure if this helped resolve the issue then I will drive it for a week or two and change out the fluid and put fresh in again and add the trans-x. Thanks again.
  14. I told the fella I was getting the car from that I was told about a fluid to put in it and he said the tech already put a conditioner in it. So therefore I am not adding anything, I will have to change the fluid and filter myself to be sure and since you told me to drain and fill three times with the trans-X added into it. I am also going to recheck the fluid level a couple times....from what my wife experienced it sounds like low fluid level. While on a hill with the front pointed down the car wasn't engaging but when giving it a little bit of throttle while in drive it kicked in. Will update when I know further.... It's a pretty old car so I don't expect it to be perfect but have to get it to good running condition. Thanks again!