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  1. hawksooo

    1987 Brat Carburetor issues

    ok sorry it's taken me so long to get back on the brat issue... Thanks for all the advice , I do welcome all ideas ,even if what I done was wrong as Gloyale mentioned ... I am going to get back working on the brat soon (hopefully tomorrow) and I'lll get back on here and let you all know whats' up ! I do have a question , skishop69 , you said the jets could be switched ( although I dont think so ) but if they were do you know what issue's it may cause ? I did check the Accelerator pump and for some reason it's not squirting as it should. Its more like a trickle and not a squirt, the AC pump is new ? any ideas on what could cause that ? again thanks for all the previous & future advice ! P.S. if anyone is in NC and would like to take on a challenge , I wouldn't oppose it LMAO
  2. hawksooo

    Parting out 1986 BRAT GL

    what you asking for the carburetor ?
  3. hawksooo

    1987 Brat Carburetor issues

    thanks for the idea on the anti-diesel solenoid the wire did break on it and I left it unhooked til I got it running right (I thought the only thing the solenoid did was cut fuel to carb when you turned the key off) the sight glass is a little over 1/2 fuel of fuel, so maybe a little high ? I also unhooked ALL vacuum from carburetor and plugged everything off and it still ran about the same ? I'll be checking everything ya'll mention before i pull the carb off again ! thanks for the help
  4. hawksooo

    1987 Brat Carburetor issues

    thanks for the quick reply - like you its been a long while since I've messed with carbs.... the car did run before however the accelerator pump went bad. before it would idle, just fall on it's face with given fuel. I did install a new AC pump so I'd think that should had fixed that issue? the choke seems to be working (somewhat) but I'll check close before I pull carb off
  5. I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I am having. I have an 86 brat with the Hitachi Carburetor, I removed the Carburetor and cleaned it and installed a rebuild kit (mainly gasket) every since then when it first starts running it'll idle Really high (3-4000 rpms) then it gets to where it wont idle at all ! another thing it's doing (may or may not be related ) when giving it gas it acts like it's either not getting gas or has a hesitation in it until you rev it up about 25-3000 rpms then it'll open up and take fuel and run like it should. Any advice ? I'm planning on taking the carb back off and tiring it back down but, wanted to hear everyone opinions of what it could be (or what to look for). Thanks for helping !
  6. hawksooo

    brat idle issue

    Stock Everything on the car is stock, thart I am aware of
  7. its been a very long time since I've really worked on a Subaru so I'm hoping someone could assist me with the old school brat. the issue is , it will crank up fine when cold, then it'll warm up & raise the idle, then you hit the accelerator and kick the choke off and it idles good, for awhile! after it's warmed up it sometimes will idle and sometimes it wont? It's strange !! I have it set to idle at 1000 or so rpms sometimes it'll idle for awhile then it starts to choke down to idle at like 600 rpms and then it dies....I thought it was the idle stop solenoid, so I took out the needle inside, to no avail, it still would idle erratic or not at all. I know it's getting plenty of fuel, I've changed both filters and also tested fuel pump and getting plenty of volume to carburetor. SO can someone please advise what the issue may be ?? I'm kinda at a lose now?? anything else i can test or check for ?.. Oh yea.. don't think its a vacuum leak, I've sprayed brake cleaner and cant really tell a difference in the rpms
  8. Thanks for all the help !! I did what you suggested mikaleda thanks so If I understand if I jack it up on one side and both wheels don't turn then it's mechanical ? Is with that being said.... looks like it's mechanical ... so my next questions is where do i get the rebuild kit ? I tried ebay but didn't have any luck ? can someone send me a link or something so that I can look it up ? I think made this project Dads Christmas present (although it maybe afterwards before he gets it ah ha ) So any help would be nice in locating the parts
  9. Thanks GUYS I'll look into this when I get home and I 'll try the test that johnceggleston suggested once I get the axle back in. but the question about the drive shaft not moving when I turn the back wheel and hold the drive shaft is that normal ?
  10. OK just got time to look more into dads car. I wasn't able to do the TCU test ( I currently have the passenger axle out) so I couldn't drive it to warm it up. but I did have a question I laid under the car & turned the rear wheel to verify that the drive shaft was turning ( which it was ) so then i grabbed the drive shaft & turned the wheel. I was able to hold the drive shaft & turn the wheel..is this normal or do I have something wrong with the rear end as well ? I'd hate to rebuild the rear clutch pack just to find out that the rear end is fubared as well ? Also I was able to pull the ECU codes and it appears (best I can tell) are 24,32,33, 35 (maybe) so now what? I am new to subbies but not mechanics so I am hoping ya'll can help me out & get the AWD working again
  11. OK I have been asked by my dad to work on his subbie.. it's got a few issues .. I am having to install a front axle in it (no biggie) he's asked me to look at the check engine light to see how I can get it off. Can anyone explain how to ? of course it's OBDI and not two.. but the biggest issue is .. the AWD doesn't work! I verified that they are NO fuse in the FWD under thee hood. I've tried to climb a hill and seen ONLY the front tires spin I jacked it up on four jack stands and the back wheel tries to spin but does NOT do anything as far as I know it's NEVER worked since he had it what can I test or look at ? I think it maybe inside the back of the transmission maybe a solenoid or clutch pack ? any thoughts ideas etc?