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  1. D3F0

    Subaru EA82 to Subaru EJ205

    I am doing this exact same swap, there is not a lot of information on it. Also i am swapping the dash over I have all the parts including ecus and dashes. Cant wait to dig in once I have some free time.
  2. Thats just lovely, sounds and looks like a great time!
  3. How much Boost are pushing through that baby snail. I love those ej22Es so dam reliable. Good fix with the head bolt/stud issue, it really does suck when Subarus fight back.
  4. D3F0

    My RX v2

    Yea i just have to take a look I bet it all bolts up and I just have to keep all the shims on to keep the back lash the exact same as before.
  5. D3F0

    My RX v2

    Alright fine Ill use my legacy 4.11 5 speed instead lol thanks for the advice.Do you guys usually just swap the ring gear at the back to 4.11 to mach the tranny. Is that possible with that awesome rear LSD? Or do i have to do a bunch of crap and locate another diff. Currently I have an SVX/legacy hybrid built 4.11 and i doubt the RX axles would slide right into the SVX LSD prob different splines and length. ALSO LOVE THAT VIDEO I love it all haha
  6. Thanks for the response =) also good luck finding a another controller.
  7. D3F0

    My RX v2

    Why do u say its so bad?
  8. D3F0

    My RX v2

    If i were you I would take the back of your extra RX trans and put that on the back of an EJ trans with either a 3.7 or 3.9 final drive to match your diff I recommend that so you have the locking center of the RX tranny still and use the newer Ej trans to bolt the EJ22 you already have. With this option there is no need to to buy an adapter plate. Then turbo everything and I am sure with that option it will all hold together for some launches assuming you are not doing it at redline. EA82 are not that much fun to mod you would have way more fun building a turbo 2.2 using the old legacy heads if you can find them or lower compression and boost that baby.
  9. I am actually going to drive my car soon for the first time in over 14 months I will post up here how it all feels. I will try with and without the upgraded bigger brake booster also.
  10. D3F0

    My RX v2

    Hard launching and Subaru shouldnt be said in the same sentence. Everything always breaks that way. Oh well thats too bad good luck with your future plans.
  11. D3F0

    96 Impreza EJ18 -> EJ22 Swap Questions

    With the EJ18 ECU My redline was 500 rpm lower than the stock EJ25D had stock. Is your car actually revving out to redline?
  12. I wonder how long it would take your average person to do a headgasket in an EA82. It took me and my buddy 7 hours to do a headgasket in a 2007 impreza. I have never looked at the service manual. Do you have to remove cams to get to head bolts like the DOHC EJ motors or can you leave the heads together and just unscrew the 12 or w.e headbolts to get it apart?
  13. D3F0

    My RX v2

    What do you mean you broke it and the trans? You blew the engine and stripped the transmission?
  14. When you say as the pedal travels further but takes less force to provide the same clamping force to the wheel, are you talking about the actual force to press the brake pedal? If so you are wrong it will take more force with a stock brake system to push the pedal to bring a car to a stop. I believe it will travel less overall but take more force. A lot of people have that backwards. +1 with the hill holder or abs pumps being Ts in the brake system, 1 line will go into them and two will go out.
  15. Newer higher off set wheels fit actually pretty nice on our older Subaru's. If you lower the ride height they fit pretty snug I wish they had a lower offset to bring them out to our fenders/ my fenders more Also +1 for the lug nuts comment. They should bolt right up you can flip the trailing arm over onto the other side to make it clear the actual tire on the inside. I dont think spacers are really needed it would deff help with "hella flush fitment" though lol.