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  1. I have two brand new, factor fenders (front left and front right) still in their boxes to sell. The boxes have never been opened. I ended up selling the car for next to nothing so the fenders didn't go with it. I'm in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Go ahead and make me an offer. (seven one seven seven one three three three two six).
  2. I. Using the Torque Pro app to diagnose my P0420 CEL code on my 03 Outback 2.5. I can't seem to get it to graph bank 1 sensor 1. Bank 1 sensor 2 seems to graph fine (seen below) though. For giggles I tried the same thing on my 02 Legacy L 2.5 and got the same thing (this car is also throwing a P0420 but has a new upstream o2 sensor). What am I missing? Is it possible neither o2 sensor is functioning is functioning at all? Does anyone have any ideas how to make Torque graph properly?
  3. Thanks for the help. I will probably try to fiberglass it but if someone happens to have the dogleg piece they're willing to give up please let me know.
  4. My new to me 202 Legacy L wagon has some rust spots that need to be handled very quickly. I have one spot where the radio antenna exits the body that I am probably going to use fiberglass to seal up and fair to the proper shape. The other one is a bit more tricky. It's located inside the driver's side rear door at the rear end of the sill. I am thinking the best route is to try to find a fresh repair panel to splice into the rusty area but I'm not sure where to get the panel. I have been looking at junkyards online but I can't figure out what the part would be listed as. Anyone have any ideas they can help me out with?
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