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  1. I have a subaru GL and looking to print some interior parts up. Were you able to design any that worked? As I saw in a thread where you were also needing vents for an example

  2. I would be very careful when buying parts for the '82. I have an '82, in theory I am told that I should be able to match with any generation 2, yet my '86's parts do not match. I have a different dash, in both cars. To my knowledge both cars are stock, so I'm not sure what's going on personally.
  3. Also put down the $150. Let's see where this leads.
  4. I got a response from him last night also. Still sounds like it's 50/50 on if this is going to happen or not. I was given an estimate of ~$240 for freight to US (per set), then shipping once in the states. Still not terrible imho. Will wait to see how it goes.
  5. I have also emailed on 4-17 and no response.
  6. sch3nk2k4

    A Brat for the, uh, kids

    The new production run you can get for around $175 (after shipping) + a battery and remote. The older original's i've seen go for anywhere from $80 to $250. Both by Tamiya who is a very reputable RC producer.
  7. Would be in for a set if the price wasn't redonk for shipping.
  8. sch3nk2k4

    Dash vents and sun visors

    Believe it or not I am in the process of doing this. I tore apart my '82 dask and have been working on getting the vents specifically printed. I have my own printer so its not that bad. I am waiting to confirm proper workmanship and quality before offering them up, and honestly I'm months away from that. But it is in the works!
  9. 1982 - bought for $4500 100% working and 93k original. Hard to find nice working BRAT's on east coast! Had about $800 in aftermarket junk on it (literally junk). Might be able to find bill of sale if you need it......I think.
  10. I am weary of modifying my seats. A cop friend of mine told me "if it passes yearly inspection and it passed DOT laws in the year of its production, then it's street legal" I am afraid of modifying the seats and voiding that 'street legal' purpose of the seats. Just something to think about....or correct me if I am wrong (it's happened before).