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    surfing regarding an oil leak on my subaru
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    You can find out about me at embroideryokc.com. Just love my subaru and don't want to part with it but it is aging, like me!
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  1. It's like looking for that one good doctor outside that network. Any referrals? I have an oil leak on driver side front and near rear wheel wells. The price of repairs is something I cannot easily afford. I'm so happy and yes, proud, that I was able to save myself $500 by replacing my heater blower assembly all by myself (in 2 hours and it took that long because I really didn't really know which tool to use). It was such an simple fix . The cost the dealership wanted was far out of my budget. I am seriously offended that that extra $500 was so damn simple that this old lady could do it! I had a good warm winter thanks to those who do post on the internet. Hopefully I can find some help here on this forum.