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  1. 96 Outback w/ DOHC 2.5L sometimes doesn't start....try several times with no joy....let it sit for a while....come back later starts right up. Suggestions? Warren C.
  2. So tell me, What kind of "diff animal" is it? That's what I'm trying to find out. "Wide Band" ??? "Narrow Band"?? Something limited that only works with the cars that have an AFM?? Please enlighten me.. Warren C.
  3. I sometimes hear the term "wide band 02 sensor" ? Is that what this engine has? What's different about 'wide band" vs any other sensor. W.C.
  4. Who has the best price for an OEM front O2 sensor? My local FLAPs wanted $140. www.1stSubaruparts.com wants $108 plus shipping. Any verifiable good results from less expensive aftermarket versions Warren
  5. A friend of mine who prepares the SOHC 2.5L for use in airplanes and gyrocopters tells me they don't use the second sensor at all since it has no effect on how the engine runs....it only tests the condition of the second CAT to tell if it's functioning or not. Experimental aircraft with Subaru engines don't use any CATs. I don't currently have the rear 02 sensor hooked up either, since the wire to it fell down onto my muffler and the connector was melted. But the idle symptoms I have now were occuring before that happened....and after...no change. I don't consider it part of the problem, although I get a code for the missing sensor. Warren C.
  6. Yes, this engine has an AFM. Can you tell me more about the O2 sensor. What's "googy" about it? Only extra O2 sensors I have around are from 90-94 Legacy's and a new one from the dealer is expensive to buy. Warren
  7. I have a 2002 Impreza 2.5RS engine in my VW Vanagon that has had erratic idle for a couple of months now. The engine seems to run OK when first started, (cold) until it goes closed loop. Then it idles fine for about three seconds, then stumbles, and struggles for the next three seconds. This cycle repeats indefinitely, over and over. It seems to run fine when the throttle is advanced to higher rpms. I'm wondering what sensors might cause this repetitive cycle that I could try replacing. Oxygen Sensor ? IAC valve ? Throttle position switch ? I have another engine with most of these that I could try switching some of them out. Any thoughts or tips appreciated. W
  8. Already swapped coils and ignitor with no effect. Warren
  9. What finally happened with this problem.. did it get solved. I have the same issue in a 98 Outback with the DOHC 2.5L. Ignitor and coil have been swapped.....none of the intricate voltage and resistance checks done here.....an ECU swap fixed it once...but now the problem is back. No fire on 3 and 4. Warren C. Moderator SubaruVanagon Yahoo Group
  10. Had this problem a few months back.....swapped ignitor, coil, checked wiring continuity in between coil, ignitor, and to the ECU.....all OK.. Installed new ECU and that seemed to be a cure.... Now the problem is back? Absolutely no spark on the 3-4 bank. One suggestion was a bad spark plug or wire on 3 or 4. Still checking on that ...but not clear on the concept....how would this cause no spark at all on these two cyls. Any other suggestions appreciated..... Not sure if I now have two dead ECU's....and something that blows them out ?????? or some other problem. NEED HELP ! TIA. Warren C.
  11. We swapped in another used coil....so it's a different unit. Warren C
  12. But would a bad ground specifically..knock out cyls 3 and 4?? Warren
  13. A few months ago I had a problem with a 98 OBW I bought.....no spark on the 3 and 4 cyls. Swapped ignitor, coil, checked wiring continuity between them...and to the ECU...all good. Finally swapped in a another ECU (used)....Voila! ...Problem solved.. (for a while at least). Two months later....same problem. Check engine light on...but generic FLAPS OBD-II reader doesn't tell me anything but "Misfire on cyl 3" and "Misfire on cyl 4" Now what! Need some tips to diagnose this persistant problem. Fun stick shift car....especially when all 4 cyls are firing. Warren C.