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  1. All: Need to update my sig line but I have: 2005 Subaru Outback LL Bean 3.0 H6 / 5 EAT Transmission 136k My daughter went to the store on New Years day and came right back. She said the car "would not go" I go outside to find a trail of trans fluid from my driveway out and around the block! Upon closer inspection the bung for the trans cooler was completely blown out. My initial thought was rust but it appears that the radiator failed INTO the trans cooler. The resultant pressure increase blew out the fitting. My plan is to put a new transmission filter / radiator / fluids in it and see if she will go. Anything I should do/check that you guys can think of. Pulled dipstick for trans (what is left) does not appear frothy or smell burnt. Thanks! Tom
  2. Can you send me the link to the guide. Was searching threads with no luck. Thanks, Tom
  3. All: I have a 1995 Legacy Wagon with 2.2 Manual Transmission. I need to pull the motor out since my clutch has gone bad (again). Cruising FB I found a 2002 Outback Automatic with a seized motor. Can I swap the 2.2 in? Would I just move over the flex plate to mate with the AT? I am reading lots of threads about automatic to automatic swaps but nothing with a MT to Automatic. Any help / thoughts would be appreciated. Tom
  4. Good afternoon USMB friends: Purchased a new Subaru to add to the fleet. Picked up a 2005 Subaru Outback with 115k. Is the LLBean Edition with 3.0 H6 with Automatic Transmission. A needs some odds and ends. The major reason the guy parted with it was the Sport light is flashing causing the transmission to shift at odd points. Only code is C0108. I swapped out the left ABS Wheel Sensor. My questions: 1) How do you reset the TCM codes? Any recommendations on a scanner if I need to purchase a cheap one to do it? 2) Issue seemed to be resolved. Got on it hard to see if problem would occur and hit rev limiter. (Was in auto.) Sport light began to flash. Is this a related issue? (Did not know why I hit rev limiter.) Would having exhaust off cause the issue? Video here: Any help would be appreciated. Tom
  5. Hello all: Looking for a new project and came across a 2008 subaru legacy limited 2.5 in my neighborhood. Link below. Looks like the guy crashed it. Most concerning thing is that he said it lost coolant and it overheated. How sensitive is the 2.5 to overheating issues? Any way to check if it is toast? I can pickup a front clip on ebay for about 1200 but if the motor is toast it is not a good deal. Would appreciate thoughts and any advice. Thanks in advance. Tom https://annapolis.craigslist.org/cto/d/totaled-2008-subaru-legacy/6534339379.html
  6. Thanks all! Tightened up the fuel clamps and no more smell. Easiest fix ever! Tom
  7. Hello: I have a 1995 Subaru Legacy with EJ22 and about 198,000 miles. Car runs great with no starting issues. When I start the vehicle in the mornings (now that it is getting colder) I get a raw fuel smell in the cabin. It smell like fuel is leaking but I cannot find the culprit. Once warm it disappears. No check engine lights. I have viewed a bunch of threads that recommend replacing the Coolant Temp Sensor. I do not have any idle or starting issues so I am not sure replacing the Coolant Temp Sensor will fix the problem. Other threads have indicated it may be the evap canister. How would I troubleshoot that? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. My wife hates the smell :-) Tom
  8. Hello all: Looking at a 1995 Subaru AWD on craigslist that needs some love. Super cheap since it needs a head gasket. I own a tow dolly (how I brought home current 1995 FWD). I know I can't tow an AWD on a tow dolly, but I just saw a thread on another website that said the following.... on the older stuff (90's) there's a capped fuseholder in a harness along the firewall on the passenger side of the vehicle. The cap on the fuseholder is labeled FWD. (black holder, white letters, from what I recall) Open the cap, and pop in a fuse, and you're in front wheel drive mode. I don't know what rating of fuse you need, though. Is this true on the 1995? Could I then drag it home on a dolly? Thanks as always for the help. Tom
  9. 1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon EJ22 195,000 Miles / Manual Trans All: Need some help with MPG. Car is running great thanks to everyone on this forum. Only problem is that I am getting MPG in the solid 20s. I replaced one of the 02 sensors in May since I was getting a check engine light about 02 temp. CEL went out and I have been driving happy. Complete go through of the car last year. New plugs / wires / fuel filter / thermostat / etc. What am I missing? She does smell rich when it first starts. Thanks in advance! Tom
  10. Hello: I have a 1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon. EJ22 / 186K. As it has gotten colder car has a fuel smell @ start up. The fuel smell is coming from the tail pipe and it seems that the car is running rich until it warms up. It has not thrown any codes. I am thinking that the O2 sensors need to be replaced. Any thoughts? Thanks much! Tom
  11. All: This just popped up on craigslist today. Sounds like the turbo killed itself. Banjo bolt from my quick google search. Any thoughts? Looks like a VF40 turbo is about 700 rebuilt. Any other things to worry about? Metal shavings in engine / oil http://annapolis.craigslist.org/cto/5323900642.html Tom
  12. All: Just completed my clutch swap about 500 miles ago. Replaced clutch, pressure plate, throw-out. Used the kit from SACHS that includes the sleeve for the throw-out bearing. Things are running fine...but the throwout bearing seems to be getting a little more noisy. You don't hear it when the clutch is pressed all the way in..but a bit of a rattle with the clutch out in neutral. Just wondering if this is normal for this setup with the sleeved throw-out bearing. Any help / thoughts would be appreciated. Subaru Legacy Wagon 1995 EJ22 / 5 Speed 185,000 Tom
  13. All: On my 1995 Legacy Wagon the light in the back of the wagon will not come on when you open the hatch. If you manually turn the light on via the switch, it works. Where is the switch for the light? Is it the two spring loaded pieces on either side of the door on the left /right? They are quite rusty. Any good test for the switches? Thanks, Tom
  14. All: Passenger door on my 1995 Legacy L wagon will not lock/unlock with the power locks. If you move the lock manually it works fine. Did a google search and it seems like it may be the actuator. Any easy fixes, or just replace? Any threads out there that show how to? Thanks much. Tom
  15. Sorry....1995 Subaru Legacy L Wagon. Any concerns with driving it for a little while? Need to save my $$ if I need to do wheel bearings now. Tom