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  1. TXJayhawk

    More rust repair 81 Brat

    Door panels and tailgate done using brazing technique
  2. TXJayhawk

    More rust repair 81 Brat

    Passenger side due to brake and fuel lines riveted/glued in patches
  3. TXJayhawk

    More rust repair 81 Brat

    Have you repaired yet? I just got my welder last week -an Eastwood MIG 135 but need to get the gas. Another option would be to rivet and epoxy it together-still deciding. All right my first crappy welds but will get better with practice
  4. TXJayhawk

    78-79 Brat find

    Parts going to be available from this? Still looking for a few items.
  5. Seats wanted if decent shape photos helpful
  6. TXJayhawk

    More rust repair 81 Brat

    Only one that really is concerning is the drivers side but clean metal is available for welding -not cleaned yet in this photo
  7. It is a GL the new old stock lights I got from Moosens are on the passenger side
  8. Big hole behind drivers seat passenger seat small areas rear cab to bed panel
  9. POR 15 is done.
  10. Does anyone know what color the blue is? Would model paint or spray paint work best? Mine has absolutely no color left and want to restore it.
  11. Yes it was still there gone now
  12. Going to use POR 15 (degreaser, metal etching, POR 15) then prime and paint. Any other tips?
  13. Mine has 13mm bolts where it mounts under the fender and a 23 or 24mm bolt on the bottom of the fender
  14. TXJayhawk

    1978 1st Gen Brat Build!

    I Where in Texas did you find this thing? I am in Houston and have not seen another Brat in 8 years (out of 7 million people)! i have cylinder head bolts and nuts for an EA71 if you still need them.
  15. text me your email for paypal or address for check. Out of town but back Wed Oct 14