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    2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5i<br />beggining DIY<br />Need to pull a crankshaft sprocket past a broken woodruff key
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  1. Hello everyone, I am preparing myself to rebuild an EJ25 engine in my 2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5i SOHC. I want to make sure my valves are at or near original factory spec. If all I do is lap the valves, I understand that I may need to readjust the stem height. Will this cause any problem with compression or timing? Is there a way to determine if I need to recut the 3 angled surfaces on the valves? If I buy new valves for this used head, it looks like I will need to lap them, but will they sit correctly in the head? Is there a way to check the valve seats and check it's angles or is all this that I'm asking about for the machine shop to do?
  2. Nice documentation! Hoping anyone can please help me. Related to this thread, I am also attempting to remove my crankshaft sprocket, stuck behind a broken woodruff key. I rented a small gear puller from Autozone. It's main shaft is too small to secure itself in the crankshaft threads. I see that OP has secured his gear puller secured in the crankshaft. Do I need a larger puller or is there some adapter that allow this to happen? Thanks in advance!
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