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  1. I need info on the same car model, 2001 Outback, with 150k miles. So instead of creating another thread I will post here first. I had the oil changed and they came back with a big bill of things to be done. They said the Head Gasket was starting to leak. I certainty not saying they are lying as obviously this a known problem but should I get a 2nd opinion? If it just starting to leak is there anything I can do, such as using the Subaru coolant treatment as noted above? The car runs fine. There is a slight smell after driving and then parking. Also the check engine light does now come on sometimes. The ODB2 code is P0130 which should be the O2 sensor but thought would add just encase in has any relevance. If I do have to get the head gasket replaced I am going to shop around a bit (btw based in Seattle) I am going to ask these questions: 1. Do you machine the heads 2. What head gasket kit will you use 3. Warranty length Is there anything else I should be asking? This car was purchased about 2.5 years ago. I have a lot of repair records but don't seem to see any mention of a timing belt so would get that done along with water pump, thermostat I did get a quote for HG (including machining heads if needed) , Timing belt, water pump and thermostat, from a well known Subaru shop (but not dealer) for about $3,150 after all taxes and fees. (basically 2k labor, 870 parts). I realize it is not easy job but this does hurt. Trying to bring it down a bit. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. So one can do this? I have 2001 Outback. I got an oil change and they came back with a list of things to be done. They said the head gasket is starting to leak. The car runs fine but there is a little bit of a smell after driving it. Is it really ok to drive it like this?
  3. Thanks again for to all those who replied. I ended up finding a less expensive locksmith and also purchased new ignition cylinder/switch which I got for $30 after tax at O' Reilly. Turns out the would be thief broke a small part of a key off in the ignition.I looked in the key slot but could not see it or I would have maybe ordered the tools and tried to get it out myself. The locksmith charged $55 total, which is relatively reasonable. The whole thing took a ton of time because of the high priced first quote. I should have gotten another quote soon after instead of waiting. I will look in to that kill switch.
  4. Thanks for the suggests and thoughts everyone. I tried WD-40 but to no avail. I spent a lot of hours reasearching, taking off cover, and trying wiggle it all sorta of ways. I want to try hammer it but I am afraid of damaging something or making it a more expensive fix. A locksmith I called said it would be $120 to come out and if they had to drill would be around $200. Plus $40 and tax for the new ingnition switch I would get at Auto Zone. So $160 min and could be $240+ Very fustraing. Thanks random thief (who also did some drugs in the car and left a small mess).
  5. Some horrible person tried to steal my 1993 Legacy wagon. It has been stolen before but got it back. This time the person tried to steal it but messed up the ignition and now the key will not go in all the way and will not turn. I looked up a few threads including: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/116698-ignition-switch-lock-cyl-replacement/ I watched the youtube video and removed the plastic covering around steering column. There is a hole in the ignition switch that if I could turn the key I could press there and I could pop it out and just replace it. Then I would not have to take steering wheel and more off. I am ok with having different keys for ignition and door. The problem is of course I can't get the key in to ignition to turn it. Questions: Could a locksmith could get the key to turn? How long would it take to do the long way (take off steering wheel) and think it is possible for someone who has not done something like this before? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance!