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  1. The car is a 1995 obdi. It turns out that I'm dealing with a botched engine swap. My issues doesn't appear to be mechanical at all. The block is EJ22 and the intake is EJ18. Upon further inspection, I found a device on the vehicle right, rear of the IM. It has two vacuum hoses, one to the IM in front of the throttle body and the other to the right head. It also has an electrical jack on it, although it was not connected to anything electrically. I'll call it the mystery vacuum device. Here are some photos. One of them I found on the web, while searching for cruise control info. The other two are in the top corners of the photos. What is this device?
  2. Ok, here's where we are. I have an ej22 block and heads being run by a 95 obd1 in a 95 Impreza. To the best of my ability, it has the ej18 im. With the im inverted this morning, I found a vacuum type sensor with no electrical plug. This sensor is on the right rear of the im, had two vacuum lines and has what appears to be an Allen key adjustment on top. I need to research this, because it wasn't connected electrically. I found no obvious damage or anything suspicious inside the block. However, the engine is quite anemic, losing significant amounts of acceleration past 4000 - 5000< on the tach. This rpm limit does vary. I believe my problem is logic-based, because the computer is not receiving complete information. Timing also keeps slipping, every time I reset the timing belt.
  3. Comparing photos, I have the EJ18 IM. It's probably the original. I researched the heads, Subaru carries the same part number for both vehicles. They are the dual exhaust port heads, phase I. Theoretically, I should just be able to rebuild the block and put it back in the car. I will verify all of the vacuum hoses.
  4. I already have the block cracked open. There are very few signs of wear, all seem acceptable. I have already found engines within that price range; but, they may have questionable histories also. My guess is that the original owner bolted in another engine, it didn't run as expected and sold it to someone else. While that person owned it, the timing went out. I have corrected the timing three times and finally realized that it needed the timing belt guide to keep it from jumping time. I do not know what intake manifold it has. How can I identify this?
  5. Backstory: We purchased a 1995 Impreza L. It was originally equipped with an EJ18, but has an EJ22. It has run like crap the entire time and recently emptied the oil, due to a 0.45 cal hole in the oil pan. We have removed the engine and cracked the case for the rebuild. I found that the engine came from a 1995 Legacy Wagon 4EAT. I have several issues that I want to address. 1. There are vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. From experience, these are crucial to the computer deciding how the engine runs. I believe it has the original EJ22 intake manifold. I need help here. 2. Since this engine was in an AT, the MT requires the Timing belt guide plate. Which part is appropriate for this. Note: the timing keeps slipping. 3. Since I am replacing the wear components in the engine, what are the original specs on the crank, rods and cylinders? 4. Is there a solitary kit or will I need to piece together a kit. I have found some kits, but they are missing components that I need or have components I don't need. 5. What would be the proper vacuum hose routing, given this configuration? 6. Any other information that you can think of... Does anyone have information on these issues or know of a source where they have already been answered? This engine is unusual, when compared to others. This is a daddy/daughter project. I have concerns, because I am giving this car to my her and hope that it will carry her for the next 20 years. Thanks,