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  1. Some photos of the intake ports; I removed the hood, wipers and the 4 center plastic insets holding the two plastic screens in place. It's a shame Subaru didn't screen off those ports. Would keep the drivers side port closed - AC position for any vehicle being stored to block mice access.
  2. kayakertom

    EA82 CV Axle Heat Shield

    I added a heat shield - mounted to the cat a few years ago and haven't had a problem with the rubber boot.
  3. Replaced the faulty sensor with a Rock Auto special $1.50 ; so far so good.
  4. To each his own way; I prefer gauges that are accurate and will be replacing mine with something I can calibrate.
  5. Mine has doubled in the past week; something is going on.
  6. Is it normal for the oil pressure sensor to fail by reading high (very)? I'm getting 65 psi on start-up at idle and almost maxing out as the rpm increases. Stays above 45 psi as the oil warms up. As this just started with the coming of colder weather, I ruled out bad oil with an oil change. Will check in my spare parts for another oil pressure sensor in the morning. Hope it is the sensor and not the actual pressure - don't want an oil seal popping out...
  7. I've been trying to track down the problem with the driver's door power window on my '88 gl wagon. When I pulled up the carpet under the passenger seat, I couldn't figure out what the long white plastic component with electrical wiring is - photo attached. What is it?
  8. My '88 gl wagon has excessive + camber for both rear wheels. Any recommendations for a Portland shop for getting the adjustment done?
  9. http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2015/01/drive_an_older_subaru_in_portl.html#incart_most-read_pacific-northwest-news_article
  10. http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2015/01/drive_an_older_subaru_in_portl.html#incart_most-read_pacific-northwest-news_article I think these particular thieves have been "borrowing" older subarus for quite a while - my older gl was stolen and recovered the same day in the same area last May - same M.O. as in the article.
  11. 5 qts of Mobile on sale for $11.99, then there is $7 rebate coupon if you can find it; net cost $4.99.
  12. Freddy's has Mobile 5 qt containers on sale for $11.99, then there is a $7 rebate coupon, so $4.99 for 5 quarts. Had to look for the rebate coupon - found them on an aisle display.
  13. My daily beater, dog car, commuter was stolen from Portland's Barbur Transit Station on Friday while I was at work. Walked around the large parking lots a couple of times thinking - maybe I parked somewhre other than what I remembered. Called a friend for a ride, called the police to report it stolen...wait... wait some more, walk to the spot where I parked to see if there is broken glass on the asphalt - no glass. Friend shows up, police call to take the report over the phone; have a hard time remembering my license plate number - finally get it right and the officer has my car information. As I'm getting into my friend's car, I see my car's roof-rack in the distance poking up behind another car at the opposite lot from where I parked in the morning. Friend and I walk over to the car and it is parked in a weird spot at an angle; interior has my car junk all over the car, 3 doors are unlocked, pop the hood and engine is warm. Call the police back and tell the officer that car has reappeared; officer has me check that my registration hasn't been stolen - registration still in my hidden spot, license plates still on car. Only items stolen are: a torn windshield sunshade! 2 harbor freight flashlights, a first aid kit, a volvo screwdriver and a $2 pair of plastic sunglasses. Thief left behind a broken pair of eyeglasses... Car had passenger front door lock punched in. Car started right up. Passenger door still locks with the key. Thief description: Stupid - risked a serious beat-down and felony arrest for breaking into and stealing a 26 year old car? Short - driver's seat was left with the seat fully forward. Bad eyesight - the prescription glasses left behind are very strong. Desperate - steal a torn sunshade? Smelly - my dog car had a new strong odor...