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  1. I know there is tons of threads on this but I couldn't find anything talking about doing the wire harness swap. From what I understand there is a harness merge you do with the auto loom to make the manual drivetrain work normal. What I am looking at doing since my manual (2002 Subaru Forester S) got hit by a drunk driver is to swap everything besides the motor over to an Auto Forester (2001 Subaru Forester S). What is needed in terms of electrical to make it fully function (reverse lights, cruise control, abs, speedometer, key lock)? Links are greatly appreciated too!
  2. Hello, Folks this is my first post on this group. I am having issues with my 02 forester which is a really low idle around 500rpm and will not go up beyond that even when you give it throttle. It seems like when you step on it gets a little rougher and it almost stalls. I recently redid head gaskets and had my friend time the engine for me who is a tech. The diagnostics I have done so far is swapping the coil pack which the original coil pack reads a resistance of 0 when you test pin 1 and 2 also 2 and 4. Also we checked on the throttle position percentage via a smartphone OBD app and it seems to be reading and also cleaned the IACV and swapped it with a good one. All these things seem to not change the idle or engine speed at all. Lastly we had it have a CEL only one time with a p1510 and P1516 but this only happened once and the car was sitting for only a month. Next items I am going to check is the fuel pressure and the injectors. Is there anyone that had this issue before or can help me pinpoint the issue? Also on a second note we swapped out the motor from an Automatic car and this is a manual car.
  3. Update tested fuel pressure it reads 40+ psi and I changed the MAP sensor but still nothing different .