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    Rapid City, South Dakota
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    I am a music educator out here on a reservation outside of Rapid City. I am originally from the South and this is my first time owning a Subaru
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    1984 GL
  1. JordanFelder88

    Selling an 84 GL

    E-mail me for more photos. I can't seem to upload them all
  2. JordanFelder88

    Selling an 84 GL

    Hello friends, I am selling my 84 GL regrettably because I leave to go work in China in a few weeks and I just finished swapping out the transmission (certified 6 month used) and now while visiting family in Louisiana my front driver side tire came off while driving and thank goodness it only sheered off the ball joint sticking down and welded the two spots together. Should be an easy fix but I'm busy getting international move stuff organized. The engine has 136k miles and runs great. Body has some rust and the rocker panels got it the worst. Where there isn't rust the paint is in great shape. Interior is awesome. I'm selling it for $800 OBO. It is currently in Franklinton, Louisiana with my father. My email is jordanstring@gmail.com and my phone number (until I leave) is 504-858-2052 call or text is fine. I don't want to sell it to just some dude who doesn't know how awesome GL's are and how rare a car is with that low of miles. I want to see my baby go to good hands! I know this is the best place for that. Thank you all for being great people. Helped me out a lot in my Subaru journey.
  3. JordanFelder88

    In desperate need of an EA82

    I'm leaving for China in a few weeks and just had my 84 GL loose a tire while driving. Sheering off the ball joint at the bottom and welding the the two parts together making it drivable for the time. An easy fix but with me leaving the country it is something I don't have time for. The body is in good condition and engine only has 136k miles. I'll post a thread soon. I live in Louisiana.
  4. JordanFelder88

    84 Subaru GL non turbo transmission swap

    Where can I get a governor gear?
  5. Hello all, My automatic transmission in my 84 GL hatchback is not shifting gears when in drive. I can manually shift them from first to second with the shifter but it will not do it on it's own in drive. I have it at a transmission shop and they said they tried replacing the modular and checking for the compression (which was fine) but it still is resisting. Would anyone know what is wrong? Or would someone know where I can look for a transmission for the car and what are some interchangeable transmissions.
  6. JordanFelder88

    Stuck 84 GL

    I sort of have a functioning A/C. The previous owner had put in a different compressor that I can not find fluid for but if I turn on the A/C it will rev up the rpm's. I'll look at those relays tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to getting this finished soon.
  7. Yes, please tell us! I have the same problem and the same car except mine is a hatchback.
  8. JordanFelder88

    Stuck 84 GL

    Out of the two fans at the front of the motor just pasted the radiator the one on the right hand side (standing at the hood) stays on. I'm thinking it might be a rewiring because this car seems backyard mechanized. I find more and more out as I clean or repair stuff. The ignition switch does not work... I have to put the key in and turn it to the electronics setting (the one before the ignition) and then the previous owner installed a push start switch. Looks like a primer on a lawn mower. I am trying to find the right ignition with the wires so I can fix it but it is proving difficult... It is an 84 GL EA81 The radio and all other internal and external electronics turn off but just not the fan. Another reason I suspect it to be modded is that it is a different shape and color of the neighboring fan.
  9. JordanFelder88

    Stuck 84 GL

    Hello y'all, I went on a road trip in my 84 GL and after getting home my fan blower would not turn off. It blew all night and I could not get it to turn off. I took out every fuse in the fuse box by the hood release pulley and they all were fine and none of them controlled the fan. This is where my problem starts: I took off the grounding wire to the fan and that turned it off but now my car won't hold a charge. I will jump it off and I can drive it but after that if I leave it for a few hours it is completely dead again. After this revelation I took the fan out completely ( I still have one). I figured I live in the West and it is starting to get super cold so overheating won't be a big issue. But even after taking out the fan the battery still completely drains if left for awhile but will drive fine as long as the car is running. Does anyone know where the fuse box holding the engine fan would be? Does anyone have any idea what is happening?!