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  1. I have a Chiltons and same vehicle. I don't know but Chiltons is difficult and I am researching the How To Keep your Subaru Alive. I do know they are located near the fuse box. UPDATE: Chiltons claims carbureted versions do not have a relay so there is a break like a fuse or bad connection at the pump, likely.
  2. Bummer for that and I had that happen as well quite some time ago with my '87 GL ea82. I have often wondered if my expedited measure of not changing the tensioner and pulleys may have contributed to early failure as I followed the procedure otherwise. Just glad it didn't happen in Nowhereville either time. My present Subie is a dinosaur '84 GL wagon with the gear driven ea81. Regressed to seemingly more reliability, so far. BTW, I like the air cleaner on your trike!
  3. Thank you, carfreak85. Accidentally ordering three mounts at first, I just added the final one left out and now have a total of 4 mounts to complete it. I had thought after being underneath that I had seen 4 mounts but had forgotten for sure. The pitch stopper, above, seems in great condition. I greatly appreciate your input!
  4. How many are required for the ea81 trans.? I am too lazy to look right now. I just ordered two engine and one trans from rockauto and went by that quantity because an eBay seller had offered that qty. 3 package. My torquey critter is cracking the exhaust pipe from flex due to junk mounts.
  5. lrgvanman

    Junkyard bits..

    Got my missing tool bag, along with the lug wrench gone missing, from a Pick-Your-Part, some time ago
  6. Just bought two NAPA bearings for my 4WD 1984 GL wagon; NAPA Part number P6207J (PGB not shown in the title but IS NAPA Performer.) to go along with NEW Cardone 66-7001 axles, (seals 15801(inner) and 19603 (outer) as well). Right side for now. UPDATE: Both seals were wrong. Installer shop replaced with the correct ones from O'Reilly's; a National number I will list soon in another edit.
  7. Check exhaust for flow as well. Sometimes backfires wreak havoc, clogging inside of the muffler as I found out with a Dodge. Vehicle also gets hotter with speed. Best of luck to ya!
  8. lrgvanman

    Dumb wheel bearing questions

    As far as the seals go the old ones will probably get distorted when you pull them out so you may as well just change them
  9. lrgvanman

    Throttle cable routing

    Here is a phone camera pic of my '84 GL wagon with Weber. Hopefully, it helps.
  10. lrgvanman

    Rear axle replacement

    Anyone here have a source for the rear axles? Rockauto no longer has them listed. I have a 1984 GL 4WD wagon that I am seeking them for. Thanks for all help and do have a great day, all!
  11. My 1984 GL heater blows cold and both hoses are hot. Only cold air comes through like not being directed through the core, as if outside air is the product. I pulled the covers; above feet and over the linkages and saw the link to the blender but that is as far as I could see. When turning heat selector, about 3/4 of the way, it gets suspiciously easy and produces no heat but just for a brief time, maybe 30 seconds and stops, only cold. All manuals show murky pictures if anything at all. It is like I have to wait until I see another wrecking yard subject I can dissect to learn from.
  12. lrgvanman

    1985 wagon gl fan blower location

    My 84 is very much the same and my blower motor is located below the glove box behind the parcel shelf.
  13. I am in the USA and have a similar problem with my 1984 GL wagon. Pretty much universal around that time frame but seems parts are really getting scarce. My needs are not immediate and I wish you the best of success.
  14. lrgvanman

    1984 EA81 Lifters

    As far as the switch goes, rockauto.com has 'em. I can't answer the rest of your questions though. Best of luck.
  15. lrgvanman

    Ignition cylinder

    Same thing I am looking into since a thief broke into my '84 GL wagon. I also found the Datsun/Subaru and found as well, an ebayer selling both the "long" and the "short" NOS OEM cylinders, which are difficult to purchase as they are automatically cancelled with a message "the seller cannot accept payments right now".