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  1. Fully pump about 4 times. The first pump should set the choke if it is adjusted correctly.
  2. My '84 GL wagon is 145 ft/lb, front and rear.
  3. Light bubble blowing and purging out the cap, also running a tad hotter thanks to our fake weather changes. I have had issues with different brand vehicles and this is my second Subaru. My first had A/C and didn't like that the interior was cool and the engine overheated to the point of severe damage. I was turning wrenches for about 30 years and also worked in a radiator shop. I just think that BlueDevil may help after a flush then water flushes soon after to rid of excess sealant residual. This one has no A/C, either.
  4. My EA81 hasn't been so happy this summer. I have had her about three years and suspected a head gasket among other things, such as a leaky heater core, all minute but serious enough to purge some coolant. I am planning to try some BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer. Wish me luck.
  5. Sad, seemingly poor (if any) quality control like many other products of nowadays.
  6. The rag joint I just replaced on my non-power steering system was one of two left at the Eugene Subaru dealer. Though I don't know whether power steering systems run these, they are available elsewhere under the part number "731336000 Rubber Coupling AY" and if Googled, they will show in numerous sources if it helps.
  7. lrgvanman

    Wheel spin

    With conventional differentials used in the rear that were not limited slip, slightly applying the emergency/parking brake would stimulate the use of the inactive axle. That seeming should apply with the front Subie axle. The problem being no rear wheel being active is likely a linkage problem for the rear axle activation and just what el_freddo posted. Best of luck.
  8. lrgvanman

    Belt breakage?

    My '84 has no A/C and has an EA81 running only one belt. Belts that squeal end up glazing and therefore require a ridiculous tension to end the squealing. My '87 did that until I replaced the belt. Too tight is usually done with a three-foot-long bar or something of the likes. There is a belt deflection measurement but I forgot just what the requirement is and I personally have tightened the alternator belt where I could not turn the alternator with the push of my thumb on a fin and it has worked. Dual belts on your unit? Check with a reliable parts man and see if it is listed as so. I don't know what would cause them to break like that though. Subaru Scott suggested possible bad bearing and that sounds like a very good possibility. Good luck.
  9. Sapper 157 is very right about the large O-ring's duty. Sorry, I did mine in my ea81 and wondered the same about sealing but it came out fine. Don't use shellac or the next removal will likely end up with destroying the pump housing.
  10. The picture would not come up for me. I am guessing the required lack of sealant by use of the sheer paper gasket is likely because a lot of sealants squeeze into the pump and contaminate. Just a guess on my part. Good luck. If done correctly, you should obviously have no leaks but depending on just how deep those scratches are...
  11. Kinda like mine but I like your roof rack better and I have the rectangular quad headlamps.I want to convert the inners to LED and seclude with a separate switch for high beams offroad and such. Good find and a fun car.
  12. If there is a ballast resistor on the coil, check that. They are notorious for the secondary starting circuit failure.
  13. lrgvanman

    Starting problem 84 ea81

    I have simply forgotten if they have a ballast resistor but if it does, check it. It may have shorted.
  14. lrgvanman

    Octane Rating for our Brat

    I would say that as long as it doesn't ping or diesel, it should not be a problem but let's see what other folks say.
  15. lrgvanman

    Goodbye pingtashi.... hellooooooo Weber

    I have one on my ea81, there when I bought it. Best of luck and I think you'll love it when it's dialed in.