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  1. thanks Steptoe...I have found a 2nd hand one.....Just thought getting a new one would be wiser. The 2nd hand one is 1 hour away and costs as much as a new one. ($70) and they expect to get the money to install it too. ... which I cannot do anyway...as it is a lot of driving in a car with no clutch cable haha. But I continue to try. Next will be to find a parts company in UK and ask away. I wonder...what about NZ? Again thanks for your reply.
  2. anyone have a contact in Japan.? You would think that , as British drive on the right, that maybe they have the right product. But I wonder if it is exactly the same. Any ideas on that Steptoe / Bennie / others. What with models having different names everywhere, makes it tricky. (I wonder if they even sold these in Britain)
  3. WELL THANKS eL fREDDO (bENNIE) and Steptoe. Now I have phoned another dealership ...then phoned ANDY and gave number you photographed above (steptoe) and Andy checked the national Subaru dealer network, then Ebay, then Repco, Then Burson's (I'd done Bursons already, but he checked anyway)....and NO LUCK! Unbelieveable.! 2nd hand may be the only answer
  4. Steptoe....if you have time can you give me the name of the dealer who sold you a clutch cable for the L Series. I might need someone who knows how to look at a catalogue (thanks El Freddo) I have had trouble at SuperCheap with finding parts for my car as they often get the L Series mixed up with some other model. as for my EA82 engine....NOT very powerful I have noticed.
  5. El Freddo....interesting about the clutch plate. Anyway I have a spare clutch plate I took out of the car above. (along with its tranny) Unfortunately...no clutch cable.
  6. thanks for that info El Freddo....saves me telephoning California if their cable won't fit a RHD. and yes Steptoe....I will phone ANOTHER Subaru dealer....maybe they have a parts person that is able to find a cable. (although the last guy was very helpful and called me back with his information) El Freddo...so I have a black sheep of the family.???? Why so? Are they a bit different to the others...not the same in North America?
  7. tried to determine which of the two clutch assemblies was for my car. i have a VIN number that is not USA ...so they wouldn't help me. The parts code is identical but there is a description for two. (different lengths cable) I have a Station Wagon. I am GUESSING that SW means Stationwagon. I have a 4WD and I think I have a GL series. here in Australia they call my vehicle a 1990 Sportswagon but I believe it is the L- series. I am thinking of ordering (thru somebody) from the USA but only if I can dertermine exxactly what cable I need. thanks for any input. Rae
  8. I wonder if this is the product I need? 37211 Cable Assembly-Clutch 37026GA081 Notes: 69- AMT-B & 4WD Fitting Vehicle Options: (3C+S+SW).(GL+GL/B+GL10/B+4WD/B+RX/B) +SW.DL, <90MY>3C.(DL+RS) +S.DL +SW.DL
  9. Steptoe (and others) ....a very good introduction to tricky removal process. I took the seat out. thus I could get my body laid back and looking up at assembly ....partially blocked by steering column shaft. But could see end of clutch cable in place. My hands are smallish....but taking out entire assembly may be the go. thanks for instructions. (my service manual gets a bit complicated sometimes )
  10. In Australia the steering shaft is right between and over the clutch and brake pedal. Tricky tricky. but i like the idea that a plate could be on the inside of the engine compartment and have it removeable. They should do that for all cars....or at least make is so it can be loose and hands can get in from the other side. Must write Subaru
  11. now I know people are pulling my leg. A kick plate?
  12. Thanks El Freddo and Dave T for replies. KICK plate. didn't know thee was on that could be removed. In fact I don't know what a kick plate is except it sounds like it is down by the feet.
  13. When you suggest it is the PP...is that because you think the PP is worn beyond recommended limits. (excuse my ignorance)? I was looking at this thread, because my clutch cable is broken. I need to replace it, and was looking here for information. It is a tricky thing for an ignorant Backyard mechanic to fix. Should I take / undo the whole pedal to replace the cable? or is there another more practical way.? i can barely see under the dash let alone get my hands in there. I am thinking best to remove my seat so I can get a better view and access to the pedal system. Any tidbits of help would be appreciated. Here in Australia a new part is hard to get but I would like a new cable if possible. When I phoned an auto parts chain they said they could only get one custom made for $380. A wrecker I could get a used one for $70. ...(but how worn) A nearby Subaru dealership sent me a parts list for the cable. Said the cable did not come with all the parts, and I had to pin - point which part is broken. Well it is the cable...(broken at the pedal / firewall area.that should be simple enough to purchase.....but not so simple to purchase. subar dealer contacted Subaru , who said they don't have OR MAKE that part anymore anyway, any and all comments welcomed
  14. Gauge cluster ....This is the same as the instrument cluster I presume? The temperature gauge in a car I looked at is not working. It was suggested that the gauge cluster needed to be changed. But perhaps some other reasons. ' My mechanic , who I use when I can't figure out things myself (and with help from all the minds on this site) says they are a pain in the rump roast. He doesn't like to work on them. Probably doesn't want customers to be angry when they see his bill for such a job. Any suggestions to make life easier? Some other tests before going to such trouble? This car I was looking at with a partner needed a Roadworthy to get on the road. Probably no one would notice that the temp. gauge wasn't working. But , for one's own peace of mind, you need to know if the car was overheating.? Rae