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  1. Where is the radiator bracket located? I tried turning the AC on and got nothing. Its also Idling really rough sometimes to a stop. Could these things be connected through something like a coolant sensor?
  2. Hooked the fan up to 12v and it turns right on.
  3. Hey guys. My 1985 GL wagon has been running pretty hot just after taking it on a 9 hour drive from Tahoe to southern CA. At first I was thinking that the thermostat wasn't opening up, and then noticed that the cooling fan wasn't turning on no matter how hot the engine was. Just driving around town it runs just below the red on the temperature gauge. Is the cooling fan not working alone enough to make it run that hot? And what are some ways to trouble shoot the fan not working? Last project completed on it was a new water pump, which was done by a professional. And it did fine on the 9 hour drive. Thanks Dewey
  4. Are you guys talking about the idler pulley when you say idler?
  5. Thank you guys. I have the next two weeks off. So I have the time. How hard is the timing belt and idlers? My neighbor is a better mechanic than me, so if I get in a bind I can always hit the oh sh*t button and ask him for help.
  6. Hello I am a newbie that loves working on his new 1985 Subaru GL Wagon. I am wondering if any of you can tell me how hard it is or if there are any special tricks to changing a water pump. The Mechanic I took it to said it was leaking in multiple places and was wanted 450 to change it. Considering I bought it for $500 I figure I should do it myself. If you have any info on changing the pump, or any manuals for the 85 GL it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you, Dewey
  7. dewloft

    Fluid amounts...!?

    Thank you. I got it all sorted.
  8. Can anyone post a link to the 85 GL wagon 4X4 1.8 l service manual?
  9. Hello I recently bought a 1985 GL Wagon 1.8 liter 5 speed. It has 120k miles on it. I know it has some good life left in it. The previous owner didn't keep it up very well. I don't have the service manual for this car. I decided to change the transmission fluid and the oil and filter, along with the starter distributer cap, plugs and wires. The guy at the auto parts store looked up the amount of fluids needed for the oil and transmission fluid. He stated that the transmission needed 7 quarts and the engine needed four quarts. After finishing all other projects. And filling the fluids up,... It definitely seems to be way too much in fluid amounts with the oil and tranny fluid. If anyone can give me the recommended amounts for tranny fluid and oil that would be great. The oil is easy I guess, just fill it up till it's right on the dipstick. By the way the tranny fluid looked really bad as well as the oil. Thank you, Chris