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  1. rustfarmer

    Best tires

  2. rustfarmer

    Best tires

    Still don't know what t&h stands for, but standard all season touring I get just fine. Thank you.
  3. rustfarmer

    Best tires

    What are H&T's? Never heard of this type.
  4. rustfarmer

    Best tires

    Ready for 3rd set of tires and wonder what others like? I liked the stock ones, but $225 each seems a bit pricey from the dealer. I have used Goodyear gas savers and found they hydro plane badly once half worn. Michelin are twice the cost of others. Are they worth the cost? Tried Pirelli and did not like them at all.
  5. rustfarmer

    Wheel Bearings

    Our 2013 needed both rears at 90K. Dealer charged $1200, but at least they changed one again 20K later when it failed too without charge. I am used to my older cars getting 300K from rear bearings.
  6. rustfarmer

    Valve spring recall

    Our 2013 Crosstrek was part of the recall. We were the first one done by Darrell Waltrip Subaru in Franklin TN. The service manager was very helpful and gave us a loaner rental truck and told us he told his technician to take his time since this was his first and he had just been trained. He also said that there were two possible variants of the engine and one could be repaired without pulling the engine but not so with the other. The repair was done at no cost and included an oil change. Upon return, the car runs quieter (less valve noise) and so far no further issues. We had 109,000 miles on the clock the time. We have had great service from this car and it uses no oil between changes, which I do myself using factory filters and Mobil 1 0-20. We hope to get 300K miles or better from this one, although we have had to replace rear wheel bearings. FWIW, you might think that after years of wheel bearing issues Subaru could have resolved this problem. We also own a 1999 Forester and when I replaced rear bearings on it I used Timken bearings and so far have had no problem but haven't run it that much since.
  7. rustfarmer

    Valve spring recall

    Just got a recall notice for defective (possibly) valve springs and dealer says they don't have parts or special tools so it may be February before the work can be done. The service manager says all the cars that have had this problem failed in the first few hundred miles. If so, why is the recall happening six years later?
  8. I have a 98 forester and also a 2001 forester parts car. The 98 set trans code 24 and had torque bind, so I put in the FWD fuse, which mostly works, however sometimes at startup the temp light starts flashing and torque bind occurs even with the fuse in. I thought this means the duty c solenoid is bad, but more reading tells me it could be the TCU failing, so (Finally) my question is, will the 2001 TCU work perfectly, or even just for testing?
  9. Just because the FWD fuse works to activate the transfer clutch solenoid, does not mean it operates correctly when the fuse is not installed. I was having torque bind and installed the FWD fuse but at first nothing changed. After two start/stop cycles the FWD light came on and torque bind was gone. It was easy to confirm FWD mode was working as front tires now spin coming up driveway. Note that solenoid may be sticking when fuse is not used, such that torque bind comes and goes.
  10. You are right about posting in the wrong section. Sorry, must have been having a brain fart.
  11. Sorry for typo--My Forester is a 1998, not 89. I am going to boneyard today hoping to get entire stock exhaust. So maozebong freeing up exhaust flow by using headers, free flow cats and better mufflers, coupled with intake improvements will not help fuel mileage? I thought easy in--easy out usually is a good thing.
  12. New to me 89 Forester has no converters, but has one bung welded in with one O2 sensor and runs great. I will try to scrounge a whole stock system, but what I really want is a way to dual out the exhaust to free things up a bit and still use cats to be Mr. Green, and have no CEL on. Hate to have to use aftermarket dual cats due to $, so what's the best fix?
  13. Trying to fix my door locks on recent purchase I found that fuse for the locks is missing. When I put fuse in locks work, but I get a slow ticking sound like a turn signal from a metal can up under dash just to left of and above flasher module. I guess was why the fuse was pulled, to prevent draining battery (it ticks with everything off). I will pull the part from local boneyard tomorrow, but I also noticed a wire dangling loose in the same area and wonder if anyone can shed light on this part and circuit?
  14. Thanks again. I had not noticed the pdf versions, they work much better.
  15. Thanks to gbhrps. This is exactly what I needed. Is there a place I can buy the printed version?