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  1. Do I need to swap the brains (ecm) for correct values and will it plug in no wiring changes
  2. I have a 1998 legacy brighton with a bad 2.2l motor and manual trans. I also have a 1998 legacy gt that has been wrecked with a rebuilt 2.5l and manual trans I would like to know what kind of problems I might have if I put the 2.5l in place of the 2.2l Some of my concerns are first the wiring for the motor, will it match, also brain, can i just unplug one an change the other on in, and also exhaust headers are they the same or would I need to change them. What things would need changed and how much of a job is this. Is this something I should consider as i can by 2.2l engines cheaper than the 2.5l so should I just go that route. any one that has done this or knows anything that could help me is invited to do so. thanks jbowone