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  1. Hi again i have had the car scanned and im showing a problem in injector no 4 and a air valve senor problem as well
  2. Im sure it could be a thousand things, I guess i was just hoping that maybe someone else had a similar problem to point me in the right direction to fix the problem ... :-(
  3. HI ALL, I have a Subaru WRX 98 model sedan 4dr. Roughly for the past 4-5 weeks, my Check Engine light will come on whilst driving and then whilst doing 70kmh with foot off the accelerator, rolling, then ill go to press the pedal whilst still in motion and it will be flat, constantly bucking if i press the accelerator on and off real fast sometimes it will come out of it. Majority of the time I have to put it in Neutral and let it Stall. The car will start back up straight away, but sometimes as i go to take off it may take me 6 to 7 attempts as it keeps stalling. It seems to be getting worse and i always notice the check engine light on when it happens. Another thing i have noticed is that when i come to a stop and put gear in neutral, my RPM will drop to around 400 and then gradually work its way back up to where it should be, not sure if that is a different problem or part of the same. Someone please Help, Any ideas !!
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