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  1. Ok back again. Successfully cleared the code 35 by having an electrician poke around. I don't know if the code was being triggered by a loose connection to the computer or the fact that the green diagnostic wires were plugged in during normal driving. The circuit for the purge solenoid was operating fine. Since my codes were clear and the "check engine" light went off, I took it to get smogged and it failed only for the Nitrous Oxide emissions being too high, about 400 units over the max of 800. Where to start I could use some help. One smog shop/repair said he would have to start with the EGR system and work his way around replacing components like airflow and O2 sensors, testing the emissions after each replacement. He wasn't able to give me any definite price and estimated that the most expensive replacement would be the catalytic converters that would be around $800 a piece. But then he kept saying I was looking at a total cost of $400-$800+ for the job. My thought is to keep changing the parts I can do my self, I've changed O2 sensors and most things that don't require major dismantling or moving anything that has precise alignments to the engine. Any suggestions of things I can do to bring down NO emissions before taking it to a shop?
  2. Do you mean I should disconnect the solenoid and test the harness leads that plug into the solenoid? Is there a bit more detailed information for how to test for positive/negative voltage? Is there a secondary connection to the ecu under the steering column that could be checked?
  3. i replaced the EGRvalve solenoid and the purge solenoid. the code 34 went away but i still have 35, what should i check for next.
  4. I tested the purge solenoid and it showed 36 ohms unplugged. I plugged it back and tested from the back of the plug harness with one lead and the other lead to positive terminal of the battery with a 12.76 volt reading. My question is does this information confirm: A. a functioning solenoid B. the circuit is intact C. this error code is being caused by a malfunction of a system prior to this solenoid in the ergr? I pulled out the EGR flow sensor and it was coated with carbon, I cleaned it and reinstalled it. Can I test it the same way as with the solenoid to see if it is functioning?
  5. Thank you, I will reply about the solenoid as soon as I get it tested. You've given me more information here than 2 whole days of searching.
  6. Both codes 34 and 35 are flashing on the LED Under the steering column. Most of what I find online supports the same information that it is the two components or systems I have listed in the title. I am capable of changing things on vehicles, and usually there is a wealth of information, but for some reason not mine. Is there a clear demonstration video or a list of how to diagnose why there may be a malfunction in the solenoid/ system? I would hope I can change the part myself, provided access is not too complicated. Also How can I tell if the air charge sensor is malfunctioning versus the rest of the circuit? I am having a difficult time clearly identifying these components under the hood. the more detail the better. I am hoping to find a manual specific to this vehicle without the ambiguities that a manual covering different models might have.