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  1. junker605

    1982 Gl third eye

    Want. PM sent.
  2. update. problem solved. i highly recommend using oem seals..the aftermarket set O'Reilly sells measures pretty dam tight..compared to oem...now no one quote or flame me..because possibility of my improper installation the first time using the aftermarket seals i might have torn them..BUT a second attempt at this using oem seals proved to be the remedy! NO leaks now..works perfectly. ..i thank you ALL for your help and hints!
  3. was a Masterpro seal kit..#8673 the original seals i think were ALL black..the kits came with a slight tint of an orange or red stripe on them if i recall correctly...ugh..everywhere i searched (besides OEM obviously) seemed to show only the one kit for my application.. they all also only show one complete rebuilt steering rack unit for about $250.. i figured I'd attempt the $75 try first. woopsy!
  4. oh wow! i had NO idea there were different sizes! ugh..well..i used the seal kit that O'Reilly auto sells...i can look up part number..it was SAME kit AutoZone and napa sold..i think..i didn't see any other options..i guess i should have went oem..dam. thank you ALL for the help and ideas! i guess I'll pull pump apart..clean and inspect it..then check what happens..then most likely im pulling the rack AGAIN ugh..i was just trying to avoid getting a rebuilt complete steering rack and pinion from Napa..not knowing its condition plus the cost..but we shall see..thx guys..live and learn i am!
  5. pulled the pump..i dont see anything on body of pump..tore it down to last four bolts on body of pump which looks like once i unbutton those the body of pump splits apart..i stopped before this step tho..I'll keep researching/googling til my eyes bleed! thanks guys! hoping i didnt install seals backwards or something dumb..BUT im willing to take the tongue lashings and laughing at me IF i can somehow solve it! haha thanks all!
  6. good call on the string technique.I'll brave the local napa again and hope to find one..that adjustment bracket is for the alternator only..unfortunately..sorry for the crappy pic..thanks guys!!
  7. when i got this 1989 gl ea82 wagon with dealer installed outboard a/c...the prior owner had no belt on it..i have ordered two different sizes...(napa #17480 and autozone #17450) one is about 45.25'' (WAY too tight...other is close to 48''...WAY too long...but slips on...)for the life of me i cant seem to find any adjustment idler or anything on the pump itself.. anybody know? or am i possibly missing an adjuster of some sort? pump seems to be mounted solid...thanks in advance! appreciate the help and patience with this newb...ima learning!
  8. I'll check the pump out today..the seals i put in lip side facing power pistons..same as came out..? uh ohhh..now im triple guessing my abilities/skills..or possibly prior owner put in backwards and i followed it...yikes..? lip side had tiny spring..other side was solid..did i install backwards? ?
  9. LONG story short..i got a sweet 1989 GL 4x4 wagon that had torn boots and leaked like crazy...so i decided to pull it and rebuild it with a seal kit from napa..no too bad a job..took my time..no real issues..or so i thought..as soon as i fired it up..bled the system and was working great..took a litle drive..steering began to get heavy..pulled back in driveway crawled underneath and saw the new boots blown up like balloons! crazy looking but held the fluid in! turned car off and watched the bellows slowly go back down to normal....soooo heres my question...is there a pressure relief valve hiding somewhere??!! i'm hoping so..possibly its not working? dirty? car was filthy when i got it...i just cant see how the new seals would BOTH be leaking! i'm no pro..BUT installing them i was VERY thorough..or maybe not haha thanks in advance guys!! 1989 with the ticking lil tired EA82...
  10. PM sent. If still available...im in sacramento..(i want to type the magic words..but need pics...IF what i need/looking for..THEN.."i will take it"!!) if not..no worries... thx man!
  11. junker605

    What to do with my 82 GL Wagon

    I'd LOVE to take a look at them! im near Sacramento and would give them a great home! PLEASE don't crush them! PM sent!
  12. woops..ima idiot..pretty sure staring at it long enough i figured it out..confusing part was the drilled out 12mm bolt..but hopefully i get it fixed tomorrow..thanks guys..feel free to delete original post..my bad..
  13. yes..I'm a confused newbie to gen 1 brats! but I'm at a loss on how i go about getting them "clocked" back to ORIGINAL height! ugh..i see a spot where it was drilled out..? i just pulled the entire assembly off to see if i can somehow save them..anybody have advice? special tools needed? just hoping to get them back to ORIGINAL..they have been lowered bout as far as i can see possible.. (were riding on bump stops)..ANY help beyond greatly appreciated!
  14. pm sent! definitely still need them..thanks man! love to take that 78 off your hands too!
  15. here's how it sits now..haha