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  1. Brought my son's 1990 Legacy L Wagon to local mechanic because it's been running rough (hard starting, strange idling, stall at red light, etc.) The shop having trouble reading and deciphering all info given by computer because they don't work on vehicles this old often. They thought they narrowed down problem to Engine Temp Sensor, replaced but it didn't help. Now they're saying the ECU probably needs to be replaced. I think I need a second opinion. Long story, short: need a shop in Dallas that has experience with older Subaru's
  2. Hi all, Re-entering the Subaru world after a long break (previously owned an '85 DL Wagon, '87 GL10 Wagon). I just bought a 1990 Legacy L Wagon for my son today and I need some advice. General Advice - best online parts market place? Specific to this car - The key won't unlock (or lock) the drivers side door. Works on passenger side. Is this about the cylinder or the key? The original key is broken but I still have the "stub" and I'm currently using a key that was copied from original some time ago. Is it worth it to bring "stub" with code to dealership to get new key cut? Thanks in advance for the help! - Drew