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  1. Stihlman

    Ea81 Help!

    I had my motor out when I changed mine and it just took a lot of patience and persistent tapping with a mallet and punch to get it to spin then just kept spinning it back and forth while prying on it with a small pry bar it eventually wiggled out
  2. Stihlman

    Markus56 getting lifted!!

    I have an ea81 gl hatch. Can I get away with dropping the cross member 2 inches and leaving the struts where they are? I have the preload maxed out sitting stock the tires \/ pretty heavy. Would just dropping the cross member fix this or is it better to just lift it 2 inches across the board?
  3. Stihlman

    Where to get a lift today in 2017

    I've got a welder in lee's summit
  4. Stihlman

    This fell out of my gl!

    it started backfiring when i unplugged the vacuum hoses and put them back on the air filter. What would cause that.
  5. Stihlman


    if you used spacers everywhere else you usually would,just not on the struts? Because of the tall springs?
  6. Stihlman


    Question if you have the taller springs does that eliminate the need for a spacer in the strut tower?
  7. Stihlman

    This fell out of my gl!

    There is a pretty strong stream of air coming out of the tail pipe. It'd does not feel constricted and does not "chugga chugga" like it is backed up.
  8. Stihlman

    This fell out of my gl!

    As far as I can see the only way it could exit the cat is to blow through my exhaust. I don't see any 1 inch holes in my cat or pipes. Does that mean that my muffler is literally shot full of holes internally?
  9. Stihlman

    This fell out of my gl!

    Funny you should ask. Motor has about 260000ish miles feels very tired compared to my 88 with 158000 it had some ofthe vac lines plugged so I reconnected them and it ran stronger but started backfiring when the rpms dropped from 4k to 2k sounded like a 9mm going off under my seat startled the crap out of me and the car next to me. I just bought this hatch today and was driving home from Seattle going about 75-80mph my follow car told me it fell out the bottom but they couldn't say where from
  10. Can anyone tell me what this is and where it came from. They were hot when I picked them up
  11. Can anyone tell me what this is and where it came from. They were hot when I picked them up
  12. Hi guys this car is for sale in Seattle and the owner informed me that the guys ahead of me with dibs on the car are from up north seattle area. That brings me here. I am asking that if you are indeed looking at purchasing this hatch that you won't so that I may. I love mid 80s ea81 hatches. I want this car because it is Clea. And the interior is good. That means my wife and daughter can ride along in this one with me. My current hatch does not accommodate my family. I am asking from the bottom of my heart that if you are trying to buy this car or know who is that you will consider letting me have it. I really want to share my love of mountain driving in this car with my family. For the love of subarus-bryce