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    I bought this subaru a year ago for very cheap knowing it would need work and it would be a fun experience. I'm good with cars, but not a mechanic.
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    96 Impreza Outback Sport
  1. I beleive both the market lights and grill are available to me for free, so awesome there. Thanks.
  2. First Post on this forum. Just over a year ago i bought this super awesome little car from a buddy that had it sitting for over a year. I gave him 500 bucks for it knowing that it would need work and it would be good work on a good car. 260,000 Miles. We had some electrical issues from the start. Battery, alt and several bits of wiring harness were replaced. A/c recharge worked very well. Power steering fluid leak, slow, but leaks. The fuel filler neck was barely there at all. Replaced it with a fuel friendly rubber hose. No it's not perfect, but it cost me 1.20. I thought that the gas smell would go away... The biggest issue has always been the gas smell that permeates the car. I've been told to check several things, and my last to check will be the fuel diaphragm. There is a rubbing sound from the speed cable, occasionally. Then everything was dreamy. I got to really love the car. Then it crapped on me. Head gasket blew and I wasn't in a financial place to have it done. I decided to try to fix it myself. The first three bolts were so rusted on, it took me 3 hours to get them off. I decided to scrap the car. Then a guy calls me in the middle of the night and tells me to put this super duper miracle head gasket repair one step into it. No. Normally I would not, but I did. And holy crap it worked. IT WORKED. well enough for me to get a few more months out of the car before.... I have no clue what's going on right now. Head is fine. Oil and coolant are great. No leaks. Radiator cracked on the top, assuming that the miracle liquid clogged something it shouldn't have and now the system MAY be able to be flushed. I'm going to basically tear this baby down over the next week or so and repair any gasket and rebuild any pump and clean every nook of it. My reason for getting onto the forum is actually to ask about parts interchangeability. I have access to several subarus that have been junked or being parted out, with almost no cost to me other than a long drive. Id really just like to know what other years and models I'd be able to pull parts from. Body parts, I'm not concerned about, except I'd like to pick up a new headlight, but all i can find near me are 99 legacy headlights. any filler would be appreciated.