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  1. alexbuoy


    1. Depends. I love my EA81 and EA82 platform, but I wouldn't mind anything with an H6 or an EJ22. I shy away from everything else. 2. Manual all day. Only time i've heard someone prefer a CVT is on the trails, guess they don't know the power of the dual range haha. 3. I like toyotas and hondas. Pretty reliable although our 4runner blew a headgasket at only 270K miles. Really depends what you want to do. If it's a DD subaru isn't bad. Especially if you need the AWD. If you want to trail it Tacomas and 4Runners all day.
  2. Those blocks look like straight cut blocks. You want the blocks to be installed so the shocks are pushed closer to the car rather than further
  3. alexbuoy

    Brat on BAT

    Sold for $46,198!! Guess we better stockpile our EA81's and EA82's because i've got a feeling they are the next to go up in price.
  4. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Got the loyale out of the garage finally. Under it's own power too. I'm out of school and work for the rest of the year so hopefully I can pay more attention to my subarus. I want to get the Brat reliably running and trail worthy soon. I also will have 4WD for the brat again soon.
  5. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Really haven't done much to the brat recently nor do I really drive it anymore. About a month ago I had two coolant hoses fail. Replaced a majority of the coolant hoses so it should be good to go. Still need to burp the coolant system. Need to fix my heat controls asap as it's getting cold here in southern california lol. It's been a rough past two months with all the things going down with the recent shootings and fires. Our house was literally almost burnt to the ground with the Woosley fire. Thought I was never going to see the loyale again. Ever since then I have mainly focused on getting the loyale running and driving in case of another emergency. Here were a couple pictures of the fire if any of you care to see. Our backyard. thank god for a chainsaw A couple blocks away from us
  6. My friend works at a shop in Vacaville. might be a drive for you but if you want shoot me a message and I can link you up with him. He had a loyale very similar to yours, 2 inch lift, dualrange, etc.
  7. I used the stock pedal box assembly and clutch cable on my conversion. Use the 4 speed brackets on the 5 speed, needs a little modifying.
  8. I would be able to make you a 2 inch kit. But sounds like you’re in australia and i’m in the US so shipping is going to be killer
  9. alexbuoy

    Alternator bracket mounting

    I’ve never seen a non a/c ea82 alternator bracket like that. My alternator bracket was off an 88 GL. I don’t even think that bracket is for EA81 either
  10. Only “light” modification is a 2 inch lift and fitting 27 inch tires. You either need to drill out your hubs to 6 lug or drill out 6 lug wheels to 4x140 to fit 15’s. Other than that weld the rear and dual park brakes up front.
  11. alexbuoy

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Here is the alternator setup on my EA82 without A/C. I think there are two brackets? Did you just rip out A/C or never had A/C?
  12. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    This was the first weekend I was really able to hit some dirt in the Brat. I finally got the power steering in too . The PS took a dump driving home but I haven't been able to diagnose it. Drove 1.5 hours to Gorman, CA to test it out. Something is clunking in my front end extremely bad now, but I was going pretty hard hitting big dips and bouncing the rev limiter. Here is my favorite shot from the trip Me with my friend Jason and his 1982 Brat. Of course there had to be carnage. My temperature gauge broke on the way. And worse my rear stub axle shaft sheared in half. Took me like 30 minutes to put a rear axle in and 5 minutes later snapped the stub axle shaft. The day after Gorman I went to Subiefest out in Arcadia, California. Shame I don't take photos, I always forget. Thank you to Pedro for this shot of me rolling in Very weak selection of old school subarus out there. I think in total there were 4 Brats, 1 Loyale, 1 GL, and 1 XT6. That was the first time i've seen an xt6 and that thing was cool. Should've taken a picture of it. 83 Subaru GL, 300k+ miles AND it drove from Reno, Nevada down to Los Angeles. That is far as f!! 91? Loyale. No lift, 27's. Possibly one of my favorite cars there Love that fitment
  13. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    The tube chassis is about 90% done now. I'd like to eventually link the front/rear bumpers and the shock hoops to it. And I finally welded in my drivers side rock sliders. It's kind of crooked and annoying, but oh well, can't do anything about it now. The passenger side turned out amazing though. And here is a crappy picture of my tube chassis. I'll need to get a better picture eventually.
  14. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Hopefully I will have floorpans that are solid and not have any gaping holes in it. I've got almost an entire rust free floorpan that I need to weld in, I just need to find the time. People always get tripped up when they see the floorpan behind the seats are just a gaping hole. But the mounts for the drivers seat I welded in reinforcements... so I got that going for the car haha.