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  1. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Been working on the Loyale a lot. Got some wheels and 27" tires for it. Not lifted. Almost ready to drive it just needs radiator hoses. Also scored at the Junkyard. Got DL headlights, a grille and some other small parts Found this plastic to delete the passenger mirror. I hate the way it looks
  2. alexbuoy

    Analysis Paralysis: CV Axles!

    i’m assuming your 5 speed trans is non turbo so stick with the brat (ea81) axles.
  3. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Went on some trails in big bear. Also checked out an XT6. He only wanted 500 for it but it was an autotragic.
  4. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Yea i just chopped my steering coupler and sleeved it
  5. alexbuoy

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    nice!!!! keeping the 4 speed or going 5 speed?
  6. alexbuoy

    Parts available.

    Ended up not getting them. All you
  7. alexbuoy

    FOUND! 1992 Loyale. OAKLAND Ca

    Good to hear! I knew you were gonna find it in one piece the crackheads in California love to take cars for joyrides. My friend is actually parting out his Loyale in Sacramento. He’s the guys number i sent you a while back in Elk Grove. He has a ea/ej adapter plate and a hacked harness for a 2.5. Let me know i’ll be at his place until monday and we can pull the parts for ya
  8. alexbuoy

    Parts available.

    Message me your number I’m going to sacramento I can stop by this friday or sunday
  9. alexbuoy

    FOUND! 1992 Loyale. OAKLAND Ca

    Did you try posting on facebook groups yet? Hope you get it back safe
  10. alexbuoy

    Parts available.

    i’m passing by modesto next week. ill take headlights if you still have them
  11. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Did some burnouts and donuts at the hoonigan burnyard in irwindale.
  12. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    My friend's 4runner trying it. Skip to 1:30 if you dont want to watch the whole thing Getting towed out by the jeep. Jeep made it up no problem.
  13. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Heres kind of a video of me doing that creek crossing. In 3WD. My friend recorded it with snapchat so the video cut out at 1 minute but I actually made it up. Rev bombed the hell out of it and spun tires. Short wheel base = win [/youtube]
  14. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Hopefully this summer I can find the time to start working on the brat. It really needs to be torn down and lots of stuff replaced. Trans leaks an insane amount of fluids it smokes so much every time I drive it. The rear diff leaks too. I also bashed the oil pan pretty hard near the drain plug and now it's starting to leak a little. The rust needs to be addressed asap and the tube chassis isn't fully welded. I may be getting a used tube bender and plasma cutter soon. Almost have all the tools to be able to build this thing semi legit
  15. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    A couple weeks ago I went to some local trails and the brat really impressed me. In 3WD with one rear axle missing I was able to out wheel my buddy's first gen 4runner. He was open/open on 31's and i'm not gonna lie he couldn't do half the stuff I could do. Could be because of the driver though haha. Overlooking the pacific ocean After the recent fires and tons of rain we got random ponds popped up