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  1. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    I think the tinypic website shut down. Oh well
  2. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

  3. alexbuoy

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Well spoob there goes all my pictures. Picked up another EJ22 longblock with significantly less miles. Also will be picking up a JDM sti 5 speed and a blown WRX EJ205 this weekend both for dirt cheap. Pretty set on my motor option now. EJ22 n/a block with EJ205 heads. Gonna be running STOCK internals CR should be high 8’s. And my block is a 96 so supposedly it’s slightly beefier pistons than 97-98. Also going to need a good tune and i’ll be running some corn. I now have a chopped 98 2.2 harness for sale. PM me
  4. alexbuoy

    EJ to EA axles

    Good to know. I always forget ea81 and ea82 axles are different lengths
  5. I posted in the other thread i’m sure you saw. Another option is GC automatic driveshaft. My friend used it and he says : The driveshaft is maybe an inch shorter than what would be ideal, but the splines on the slip yoke still have 2-3” of engagement, and the dust cover still overlaps over the seal on the tailhousing.
  6. alexbuoy

    EJ to EA axles

    I am planning to do a EJ trans swap in my ea82 wagon very soon. My friend has an ej trans in his brat and this is what he wrote : Cvs are hybrids. I put EJ inner joints on the Brat axles. Driveshaft is from a an automatic GC. I made a bracket to hold the carrier bearing. I put the Brat spider gears in a newer 4.11 rear diff so I can run Brat rear axles
  7. Probably gonna pick it up this weekend. Can anyone confirm final drive for me? Code is TY752VBBAA I get 4.11 but other sites say 3.9 Thanks
  8. Ok found a JDM trans for really cheap locally. Its a JDM import and it looks like it was never put into a car after it was imported. Trans code is TY752VBBAA I put that into all the transmission type searches and it shows up as 4.111 but this dude claims its 3.9. I guess its because he's using a whack website. May pick it up soon if everything goes well. And he only wants $145.
  9. Ok let me rephrase will be doing some occasional launches that's about it. I guess i'm not too hard on trans since my 5 speed dualrange still runs in my brat, and at least for the motor I don't treat it nice. I will be running a completely stock ej22 n/a block 25D heads. I've heard the 22 blocks are quite stout and with proper EM I should be good. Right now i'm leaning towards the JDM 5 speed STI trans. Unfortunately have to convert to hydro clutch, but info on here says a WRX pedal assy will fit with minor modifications. I don't know finding the right trans is such a pain. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-Impreza-WRX-WRX-SA-WRX-STi-MY94-TY752VB3CA-4-111-RATIO-5-Speed-Cable-Trans/183772132719?hash=item2ac9ac356f:g:NtIAAOSw4A5Y1pQ8
  10. Id rather spend a couple hundred more to upgrade than to run an older EJ trans and have it blow up. Auto dismantlers want >$400 for a 3.9. Another big problem is I really can’t find any good used older 5 speeds outside JYs. Every one i’ve found has the occasional popping out of gear/scratching and shot main shaft bearings. Realistically WHP/WTQ wise I don’t ever think ill go past 250/275
  11. My driving habits are kind of rough as I like to shift quick and do occasional launches. Especially with a quicker car i’ll be getting on the gas all the time. I also won’t be running a crazy stage 3 clutch, i’ve heard they shorten the life of your trans. The US gets the worst trannies. The only H6 manuals I know here are swapped.
  12. That chart has been very helpful. I found a 94-95 JDM STI 5 speed on ebay with the same ratios as your transmission. Problem is it’s hydraulic clutch. Most if not all JDM trans i’m seeing are the same. I don’t think you can convert those trannies from hydro to cable since all those trans don’t have the fork ball pivot ? correct me if i’m wrong. Id prefer if I didn’t have to convert my loyale to hydro clutch, but if I have to I will.
  13. Ok I was thinking swapping gears is out of the question. Id have to pay someone to do the transmission build for me and labor would be too expensive. My friend also had a bugeye WRX, just daily drove it and he blew the trans around 150K. Now for this 93 WRX trans is it that year specific? Is there any years with the same gears like 94-95 WRX? Id have to look that up more and search some JDM importer sites
  14. I need to buy an EJ awd trans for my loyale. Ill be running an ej22D na-t hybrid and aim to push at least 200WHP. Not anything crazy. So here are my options for trans, I need those axle stubs and cable pull clutch. I would prefer 4.44 since i’ll be running 27” tires. 1. 94 impreza 5 speed 3.9. I’ve got a cheap one lined up but i’m not sure they’ll hold abuse? I’ve also seen/heard about tons of them blowing up especially after 200K. 2. 98 Outback 5 speed 4.11. It’s very hard to find these in good cond. And most auto dismantlers want $400+, pretty steep imo. Also have heard of issues just like above. 3. WRX 5 speed, but heard they are glass boxes. I can get a blown one for couple hundred and rebuild it with type RA gears? But ill be looking at $1500 at least 3. JDM 5 speed STI transmission 4.11 (i think for Gc8). Online it says they are a lot stronger than the usdm 5 speeds. On Ebay they are priced at around $600-800 shipped. Transmission code : TY752VB3FA 4. JDM 02-05 WRX XT turbo 4.44. How is the strength on these trans? I can get one shipped to my door for $775. Transmission code : TY754VBAAA Which option would you guys choose? My budget is $1k. I’m not too easy on my transmissions but I also won’t be doing many launches either especially over 3K rpm. Thanks
  15. alexbuoy

    The journey has come to an end...

    Ferp give me a DM about the info on the car I may know people who are interested. You’re not too far away from me