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  1. I would be able to make you a 2 inch kit. But sounds like you’re in australia and i’m in the US so shipping is going to be killer
  2. alexbuoy

    Alternator bracket mounting

    I’ve never seen a non a/c ea82 alternator bracket like that. My alternator bracket was off an 88 GL. I don’t even think that bracket is for EA81 either
  3. Only “light” modification is a 2 inch lift and fitting 27 inch tires. You either need to drill out your hubs to 6 lug or drill out 6 lug wheels to 4x140 to fit 15’s. Other than that weld the rear and dual park brakes up front.
  4. alexbuoy

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Here is the alternator setup on my EA82 without A/C. I think there are two brackets? Did you just rip out A/C or never had A/C?
  5. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    This was the first weekend I was really able to hit some dirt in the Brat. I finally got the power steering in too . The PS took a dump driving home but I haven't been able to diagnose it. Drove 1.5 hours to Gorman, CA to test it out. Something is clunking in my front end extremely bad now, but I was going pretty hard hitting big dips and bouncing the rev limiter. Here is my favorite shot from the trip Me with my friend Jason and his 1982 Brat. Of course there had to be carnage. My temperature gauge broke on the way. And worse my rear stub axle shaft sheared in half. Took me like 30 minutes to put a rear axle in and 5 minutes later snapped the stub axle shaft. The day after Gorman I went to Subiefest out in Arcadia, California. Shame I don't take photos, I always forget. Thank you to Pedro for this shot of me rolling in Very weak selection of old school subarus out there. I think in total there were 4 Brats, 1 Loyale, 1 GL, and 1 XT6. That was the first time i've seen an xt6 and that thing was cool. Should've taken a picture of it. 83 Subaru GL, 300k+ miles AND it drove from Reno, Nevada down to Los Angeles. That is far as f!! 91? Loyale. No lift, 27's. Possibly one of my favorite cars there Love that fitment
  6. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    The tube chassis is about 90% done now. I'd like to eventually link the front/rear bumpers and the shock hoops to it. And I finally welded in my drivers side rock sliders. It's kind of crooked and annoying, but oh well, can't do anything about it now. The passenger side turned out amazing though. And here is a crappy picture of my tube chassis. I'll need to get a better picture eventually.
  7. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Hopefully I will have floorpans that are solid and not have any gaping holes in it. I've got almost an entire rust free floorpan that I need to weld in, I just need to find the time. People always get tripped up when they see the floorpan behind the seats are just a gaping hole. But the mounts for the drivers seat I welded in reinforcements... so I got that going for the car haha.
  8. The Loyale 4WD pushbutton just has FWD and 4WD hi. The GL dualrange have FWD, 4WD hi, and 4WD lo. if you’re trailing it upgrade to dualrange
  9. I had a 1987 GL trans in my 1991 loyale. Straight forward swap
  10. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Thanks! Unfortunately I do not have a tube bender. The tube chassis was done with some pretty unconventional angles but should work. The sliders were for a toyota but were cut down to make it work. The pictures don’t do it justice how rusty it is. I’m still driving with half my floor pans missing haha.
  11. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    About a week ago I picked up some mint seats to replace my worn, torn seats. I was able to score 2 rear axles, 2 seats, headlight bezels from a 1980 hatch, and an antenna for $110 from the Junkyard. That antenna was hard to find, I think only 3 years were made with it being on the drivers side. And I was finally able to wrap up my ditch lights. Made with 1/8 steel, no drilling or modifications required. If interested PM me or check out my post in the vendor forums under buiMFG, they sell for $55 shipped (shameless plug). I'm planning to take a trip to Gorman this Friday and go to Subiefest on the 21st. After my test on Tuesday i'll be trying to wrap up my tube chassis, sliders, and make some more hybrid rear axles. The tube chassis is almost complete, I just need to fully finish welding a couple spots. The passenger side sliders are completely welded on and they look bad @ss. The drivers side still needs tubing to be notched and welded on.
  12. alexbuoy

    Lifted Subaru Roll Call 2018

    1982 Subaru Brat EA82 Front crossmember/suspension 4/3 Inch lift 29" mud terrains 5 Speed Dual Range EJ22 Welded Rear diff Same rear shock setup as OP
  13. Simple writeup on how to extend your radius rods. Works on EA82 and EA82. Let me know if there should be anything added to the file. Also let me know if the link works. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fkV-qKOUSRcKx4W61NXp-KiIdVVysgXihl84dWohwg8/edit?usp=sharing
  14. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Got this car for free it's extremely rusty, but I think it'll be a great trail rig. I'm already a couple months into the build and it should be ready for the trails real soon. A little background of where i'm coming from : First car I owned was a 1998 4runner 2WD. Got stuck really bad in mud, and thats when I made the decision to buy a 4X4. My first subaru was a 1991 Loyale 5 Speed 4x4 I picked up for $675. The two following years it received a 2" lift, 29 inch tires, a 5 speed dualrange swap, a welded rear diff and an EJ22 swap. The entire driveline was donated to the brat. I'm hoping to get the loyale running again with the stock EA82 and 5 speed pushbutton 4WD. EDIT : I forgot I had another red 1991 Loyale which ended up being sold. What's been done to the BRAT 4/3 inch homebrew lift EA82 Front crossmember, arms, hubs, axles, struts etc. (whole EA82 front end) Front to back tube chassis Ej22 Swap 5 Speed Dualrange Welded Rear Diff Rock Sliders Rear shock hoops Fuel Cell EA81/EA82 hybrid rear axles to name a few... This is it's current condition. Updated as of October 26 2018 This whole build was done with just an angle grinder, bandsaw, and a welder in the garage. My Loyale (RIP it will be back) Pictures from the previous owner. Originally a New Mexico car. Rusted to spoob and the pictures don't do justice (look at how crooked the seats are). I had to drive 2 hours to San Diego to pick it up and used 2 triple A tows to get it home (that was fun). At least it had a clean title. Engine ran, but only on 3 cylinders. No power. I think that engine was toast. Mileage was unknown. Finally got it home, at least he left the cyclops light grille and a fairly complete interior. Exterior wise everything was missing Flat towed it to the crooks at the DMV. It was illegal towing it like that which I was not aware of. The lady thought it was an El Camino hahaha. She said it was an incomplete car, pointed to the carb and said "The oil pan is missing." lmfao i had to start it in front of her to show it was complete. Over the next few months I started to collect all the missing exterior parts. That was a mission. Here is what it looked like after I got all the parts. MINT jump seats and headrests!!! Registration was up on my Loyale (yay California) and there was no way that thing was gonna pass smog with an EJ swap. AND they made me have to do a STAR smog which wasn't gonna happen. I believe registration was up 2018 of April, so I decided to transplant all the driveline into the brat and make the best trail beater possible. Don't be sad about me destroying the brat, it was too far gone. Stole the EJ22/Harness, 5 Speed dualrange, driveshaft, and welded rear diff courtesy of the Loyale (I really miss that thing) But before I could put any of those parts in, I wanted to change over to EA82 front suspension as it is superior, wider track, and has power steering. The EA82 front crossmember was wider, so I had to offset the holes on the lift blocks. Then the blocks got linked together with DOM tubing. Finally the EA82 front suspension was on minus the front lift blocks. The whole front suspension was scavenged from an 85 GL (thanks Vic from MTNROO)! It's a hover craft. All the EA81 front suspension was ripped out. I was doing a 4/3 Inch lift and the subframe for the front was dropped 4 inches. You can see here how the subframe block holes are offset. I think around an inch each hole was offset Here are my designs for the EA81 to EA82 subframe blocks. On the subframe blocks on the engine crossmember closest to the cab, the holes were offset about 1.25 inches. On the subframe blocks on the engine xmember closest to the front clip, the holes were offset 1 inch. See the pictures to get what i'm saying. Blocks on the crossmember and blocks on the radius rod/transmission mount. Then linked all the blocks. Front xmember, trans xmember. Some sick notching. Done by hand I also decided it would be best to extend the radius rods. I extended them 1.5" to help clear my 29's. Note : you need to notch the holes in the control arms. 1.5" imo was a little to much. Now onto making the front strut lift blocks. There was ZERO info on what angle cuts should be made for EA81 to EA82 lift blocks (the struts being further spaced out meant that the angle was weird). It was completely eyeballed and I think the blocks were cut at SIX degrees. Camber turned out better than I can ask for (ok maybe a little negative camber). 4 inch lift blocks in the front. I think 4" piping was used along with 1/4" plate. The top hats were cut out by hand with an angle grinder and a hole saw which massively sucked. Finished product, thanks Gianluca for the help. Blocks tacked together Now onto the rear end. Very simple I used 4 pieces of 3x2x2" square tubing to lift the rear torsion bars. I also dropped the rear Diff the same amount which required 4 blocks of the same 3x2x2" tubing. And MAKE SURE YOU LINK THE BLOCKS. I've seen people blow out parts of their frame, which linking the blocks would've prevented. Rear lift blocks in. And I know this thing is rusty. Rear lift blocks got linked as well. I don't have pics ATM. Threw in the Ej22 along with the 5 speed transmission, rear diff and driveshaft. To make the 5 Speed dualrange fit, I used the 4 speed mounting brackets which were modified. The holes in the bracket were elongated. Than the 4 speed transmission bracket and mounts were able to be used, to bolt to the 4 speed trans crossmember. The trans crossmember holes had to be notched. Wiring I went with a different approach than in the loyale. Everything power related was hooked to a switch panel like the on, start, fuel pump, and acc. I believe I only spliced the harness to two wires, the tachometer and the VSS. Well it finally ran and drove! I also made a quick front bumper for it. First time out of the garage. Drove ok but had no rear shocks, and the steering was sloppy. The steering I had in was a manual EA82 rack, and I had like 3 u-joints which made for ultra sloppy steering. First time driving it far. Drove it 10 minutes to Agoura Hills. Had some extreme issues with it dying when coming to a stop. I still haven't fixed it but I do believe its because of my broken Speedo cable tripping up my VSS. Driving it with no shocks was sketch. Back end was wayyy to soft and hopped all over the place driving down the road. Had to hit a trail on the way home. No rear axles. Camber isn't off. I really had to do something about the rear end and steering. It was too dangerous to drive. So I started working on welding in shock hoops for the rear. Used 3/16 plate to weld to the frame rails along the pinch welds, and generic shock hoops bought offline. Eventually this will also be linked to the tube chassis. Here is the drivers side welded in Both hoops welded in. Yes the passenger side hoop had to be angled (Sucks). Linked the two hoops together for uber strength. I'd like to see how this holds up as the frame rails are super thin. And this is my fuel cell I mentioned. It's plastic I know but i'm just gonna send it. The whole front end was finished being tubed, so it got hit with a coat of paint. Got around to swapping in a blown power steering rack from my loyale. I had to extend my current (90-94 legacy) steering knuckle a couple inches to make it work. The new steering joint and blown power steering rack cured the sloppy steering. Eventually I'll have power steering in it. I have a whole new power steering rack and tie rods in the garage but I need to find lines to make it work with the EJ. The tube chassis was nearing completion, so I took it 45 minutes away to a trail in Malibu. Despite it being FWD I was able to make it up most obstacles. My friend in his first gen 4runner was spinning tires (open/open diffs). I struggled but bumping it I made it up more obstacles than I expected. Stay tuned. In my next post the rock sliders will be fished and i'll show some pictures of the tube chassis. Here's a teaser
  15. Almost finished my tube chassis and mounted the sliders on the passenger side