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  1. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Yea that has been my dream car since day one! I wonder what front suspension he's running, looks to be a beefed up control arm and maybe a double A-arm setup, I'll have to dig more into that build.
  2. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Brat hasn't changed much. Did the rear bearings not too long ago. I think about every bushing/bearing/moving part has been replaced on the car by now. Also got a datsun 720 transfer case from a board member but I don't think i'll be going that direction. I enjoy driving fast and a huge lifted subaru isn't really my thing. I like how i'm still able to take corners fast and have a low center of gravity. I was planning on getting a toyota pickup soon, but I think it's time to get serious about the brat and start dumping money into it. Here are my plans for now: Gut frame rails weld it solid with square tubing. Plate the unibody For the rear: King 2.0 or Fox 2.0 coilover shocks for the rear Hydraulic bump stops For the front: Fit EJ knuckles. I heard this can be done with reaming out the control arm ball joint holes. Hot bit coilovers My main goal for the brat is to be able to jump it and go through whoops comfortably.
  3. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Thanks man! I want to go to the WCSS show one year too, but it's about a 17 hour drive from me. I was planning on road tripping the brat up this year but I may have school.
  4. Too good to not share! Looked all over the forums and could not find where to buy a ring nut tool or easily make one. The tool straight out of oreilly's : Part number is W1271, probably sold at most oreilly's : All you have to do is cut two of the tabs off like so : Now you have a ring nut tool you can use with an impact! There are 4 notches in the ring nut. Put the two prongs from the tool into the two smaller notches. I was a bit scared that the two tabs would shear off. But after hitting it 3 minutes straight with an impact it held up fine. Sure beats using a chisel and a BFH to knock the ring nut out! Best part is that it was only $20 from my local oreilly's. My friend Sam told me about this, his username on this forum is xxHighOctanexx, so don't thank me thank him!
  5. Hmm that’s weird it looked like i’d have to do a crazy 180 degree bend just to tuck up the exhaust. Are you running any catalytic converters? Ill add more pictures tonight it’s a little tricky to explain the exhaust
  6. Swapping from quads to duals is not a bolt in swap. You need to either swap front clips or figure a way to relocate the headlight brackets. I tried to swap from duals to quads in my brat by relocating the headlight bracket. I could not make it work since the bracket was moved too far inward and there was no sheet metal to weld to. if that makes sense. But since you’re doing the opposite of what I was trying you might be able to get away with the bracket relocation. Drill out the spot welds on both brackets, move them further outwards and weld them back.
  7. Has anyone managed to tuck the exhaust above the transmission crossmember on their EJ swaps in EA81? If you have can you please post pictures of what you’re setup looks like after the y pipe. Mine goes beneath the radius rod/trans mount and kills my ground clearance.
  8. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    But it's fun to get airborne . Although getting airborne too much may have broken my frame on the last trip haha. Haven't had the chance to take it on any technical trails yet, would love to see how it does with the new poormans "front lsd".
  9. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Finally had a chance to take it out and do some wheeling. You're right, with the 31's I would break a lot more axles and stubs, and probably make the car slow as piss. Love the setup I have right now, probably going to keep it for a while. I'm thinking about getting another brat, and swapping everything from my red brat into the new one. Then throw a transfer case and some solid axles under mine. Won't be anytime soon though.
  10. Nothing insane. Just trying to get sideways in the brat, it handles great with the blistein shocks in the rear. I was in limp mode the whole time so my RPM's were limited to 3500. VSS may have come undone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vg0uwSEx9U
  11. alexbuoy

    EJ Goals for 2019

    It would be best either finding a partout or buying a parts car. There is a writeup floating somewhere here by Numbchux. I would recommend SJR for the harness, lift and adapter plate. Flywheel you can use a dremel tool with a carbide bit and elongate the holes until it fits the EJ crank. If possible look for a 96 EJ they are non interference and OBDII.
  12. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Also picked up a bunch of stuff and a Datsun 720 transfer case from board member czny. I’m excited to see where this goes but it won’t be until the summer till I start planning the divorced tcase
  13. alexbuoy

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Past couple weeks i’ve just been preparing the car for King if the Hammers. Got almost everything I wanted done. Didn’t get around to a skidplate but I guess just pick good lines. Replaced my master cylinder, tucked my wiring, got a pitch bar mount made, made a poly diff bushing and trans bushings and replaced just about every hose on the engine/car. Should be pretty reliable now. And also i’m working on another front lift. 4.5 inches and i’m going to try a straight cut. Should fix my insane negative camber and rake.
  14. Does anyone know what angle I should cut the front blocks at? It's for a Brat with EA82 front xmember/suspension. I tried 5 degrees but there is still a little negative camber. I'm thinking about cutting it straight with no angle next. Also would my axles be OK with a 5 inch front lift and a 4 inch subframe drop? With aftermarket EA82 front axles. Thanks
  15. alexbuoy


    1. Depends. I love my EA81 and EA82 platform, but I wouldn't mind anything with an H6 or an EJ22. I shy away from everything else. 2. Manual all day. Only time i've heard someone prefer a CVT is on the trails, guess they don't know the power of the dual range haha. 3. I like toyotas and hondas. Pretty reliable although our 4runner blew a headgasket at only 270K miles. Really depends what you want to do. If it's a DD subaru isn't bad. Especially if you need the AWD. If you want to trail it Tacomas and 4Runners all day.