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  1. Scott in Bellingham

    need 90-94 loyale rear wagon gate

    I should have one in Bellingham got a pic of what you want? are you talking rear hatch?
  2. Scott in Bellingham

    lower gears in a dual range

    OK guys whats the lowest gears we can have in a Subaru transaxle? Ive been running EA82 Dualrange 5 speeds the 85-88 model they have a 1.59 Low range ratio with a 3.9 final ratio my question is can I go any Better? if so what bits and parts work from what models I play offroad and like the Subaru layout just would prefer some lower gears and stronger rear axles thanks Scott
  3. Scott in Bellingham

    4 wheel dunebuggy from old gl parts?

    wheelbase of 78
  4. Scott in Bellingham

    4 wheel dunebuggy from old gl parts?

    heres mine http://www.sjrlift.com/images/SJR_Buggy1.jpg
  5. Scott in Bellingham

    Gl wagon rear differential damaged.

    Parts are available here in NW Washington complete rear diff if needed
  6. That size tire requies a Forester or Outback strut to clear, may require a lift and or body trim
  7. with your Forester you can go upto 29" tires , the spacing is not needed that would be for a Impreza or non outback legacy 215/75-15 is about 27" that's good with a 2" lift
  8. Is recommend a 2" lift. http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/lift-kits/0-1-1-2-lift-kit-ej-fits-90-99-18-612017-02-10-17-18-35-detail
  9. How high you want to go? I make and sell lift kits for that model 2 and 4 " kits are popular
  10. Scott in Bellingham

    4 inch lift gone wrong

    So 4" at the rear subframe? And 3-1/2" at the diff?
  11. I can make a 3" kit for you Scott at www.sjrlift.com
  12. Scott in Bellingham

    Where to get a lift today in 2017

    I make and sell whatever lift you need heres a 4" http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/lift-kits/0-4-lift-ea71-detail
  13. Scott in Bellingham

    1981 Hatch DL 4WD EJ22 Swap

    Need a engine adapter I build and sell them www.sjrlift.com
  14. Scott in Bellingham

    Favorite off road tires

    MT of any make. New I like the Maxxis Bighorns
  15. Scott in Bellingham

    gas tank guard?

    is that a chunk off axle on your rear bumpber? whats that for?