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    Building offroad machines, and testing them out. Alluminum casting, Metal fabrication and machine work
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    grown up in the Northwest , enjoy being a husband and father
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  1. I should have one in Bellingham got a pic of what you want? are you talking rear hatch?
  2. OK guys whats the lowest gears we can have in a Subaru transaxle? Ive been running EA82 Dualrange 5 speeds the 85-88 model they have a 1.59 Low range ratio with a 3.9 final ratio my question is can I go any Better? if so what bits and parts work from what models I play offroad and like the Subaru layout just would prefer some lower gears and stronger rear axles thanks Scott
  3. Parts are available here in NW Washington complete rear diff if needed
  4. That size tire requies a Forester or Outback strut to clear, may require a lift and or body trim
  5. with your Forester you can go upto 29" tires , the spacing is not needed that would be for a Impreza or non outback legacy 215/75-15 is about 27" that's good with a 2" lift
  6. Is recommend a 2" lift. http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/lift-kits/0-1-1-2-lift-kit-ej-fits-90-99-18-612017-02-10-17-18-35-detail
  7. I make and sell whatever lift you need heres a 4" http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/lift-kits/0-4-lift-ea71-detail
  8. Need a engine adapter I build and sell them www.sjrlift.com
  9. MT of any make. New I like the Maxxis Bighorns
  10. is that a chunk off axle on your rear bumpber? whats that for?
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