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  1. anyone know what antenna socket I need to remove the mast of a 99 legacy outback wagon. Auto antenna that is in the back.
  2. you could also use a through socket wrench and the allen. But as sid, I would do it off the car, and with the springs compressed.
  3. I just wanted to do this for the good key switch, and the better wiper relay. But i think I will just pull the key switch assembly and change that. Thanks
  4. the desired switch has variable on both.. is it as easy as swapping the module in the rear of the cars? I have both of them here. Not sure what I would be looking for.
  5. I want to take the steering column from a 99 outback anniversary edition. into a 99 base edition. The difference is that one has an adjustable timer for the wiper delay, and the other is only one setting. Can these be changed with no issues? anything else to watch for when doing this? Thanks
  6. man I miss the days of the old ford heater core. 30 min, open door swap core close door... Now you have to tear the car apart.
  7. Thanks for the help. I let some water out of the bleed screw on the top of the radiator, and tightened it back down. That seems to have fixed it, Something caught in the o=ring seal or something.
  8. I thought I had it burped well. If i top it off it is only about 1-2 cups. every time. It seems to spit it into the tank and not pull it back. I have trimmed the hose at the radiator connection, and I have a hose clamp on it. the hose at the bottom of the tank is cut at an angle.
  9. on my 99 I changed the head gaskets, and the overflow system worked ok, even with a leaking water pump. I changed the water pump, and now the coolant does not return from the overflow tank. No bubbles in the overflow tank. Tried a coolant pressure tester, and could not get a good seal, so I hooked up about 10 psi of compressed air to it, for about 20 minutes looking all over, and can not find a leak, and not loosing coolant. I am going to get a new radiator cap. it was new before the head gaskets went bad, and the same one from before the water pump change. could the head gasket failure ruin my cap? it was shooing water out of the radiator. and if so why did it work with a leaking pump?
  10. get a meter and check it. My alt. had a bad diode, outputting 12V. Slowly leading to a dead battery.
  11. please post when you find the issue. I would like to know what you finally find that fixes it. Thanks
  12. when the ring is compressed, and you push it into the cylinder, the compressor is pushed against the block, and the compressor and cylinder wall act as one cylinder then when the rings get into the cylinder they set against the wall of the cylinder, and the compressor falls off On other cars I have always ended up using the ratchet type, I could never hold the compression required and maneuver everything. This is one I use, https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/lisle-4148/tools---equipment-16488/mechanics-tools-16816/engine-tools-17994/bb466241b099/lisle-ring-compressor/19500/4413526/1999/subaru/legacy?q=ring+compressor&pos=0
  13. silly question, but did you pull up on the hood after pulling the lever? mine releases but does not pop up. I just pull it up, release the safety and open it up. You should be able to see the cable and movement through the grill.
  14. Thanks so much once again. I saw the location of the weep hole after I got it off again. Replaced the pump, and it looks like it sealed with no issues
  15. I missed both the temp sensors up there on my 99 and it was hard to start and then would die if i tried to rev the engine. All went back to normal with everything plugged in properly. Do not know about yours