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    I've had my 1986 DL for about 8 years and its been slowing down since I bought it. I'm hoping to find some useful tips for suspension mods and motor swaps.
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    1986 Subaru DL
  1. Pirate #2... Similar problem. I have an 86 DL and have searched high and low for front shafts. The vehicle itself is a front wheel drive, 4 speed. Everywhere I've looked have brought up the same part number. The problem is that the newly purchased shafts are too long. they fit everywhere else, on the transmission stub, slide into the hub and bolt on. When I try to stuff the tire under the wheel well, it just wont go.
  2. New member and its great to see all the support for these amazing vehicles! Anyhow, I have a 1986 DL original motor, trans, everything. It's a bare bones subie with power nothing, no AC, 4 speed, front wheel drive, front wheel e-brake. Like with everything else, the motor has slowly tiring over the years and I'd hate to get rid of it. Horsepower is the grail of this quest and how to go about a motor swap, suspension upgrade, etc. I have no idea what type of motor/suspension products to procure, what to look for, how to start, and of course, I'll need to upgrade my metric wrench set. Suggestions are certainly welcome. Thanks!!