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  1. Thsnks guys. The pump and controler are new . I have fuel and pressure to injectors and they working. Im thinking the compression rings have died in one of the cylinders as i had the boost loss (18 psi down to 15 psi . All thw turbos and the wastegates are fine. The timing has been checked and is correct.
  2. Hi Gang. My liberty 2002 B4 twin turbo 2.0. died driving the other night. All sensors are correct ,no codes, cam sensor good cam position sensor good ,Map sensor good ..got spark got fuel, fuel controller working ,pump working. starter turning car over, motor tries to fire then gives up. car showed loss of boost 3 pounds that morning but was driving fine, small miss in the running of the car occasionally. the immobilizer isnt a issue and the brant system was removed awhile ago. no smoke no oil in water or water in oil. traced the wiring back to the ECU no issues. cat converter ok . Im stumped .........anyone had this happen or has any ideas...
  3. Hi Gang I have a 88 spider manifold . i was thinking of putting it on to my 85 xt. i was told it is just a change of harness and tps .The spider is a 4 plug and the 85 is a 3 plug. Any info is appreciated. Cheers Pete
  4. well i stripped the heads off the turbo. First thing i find is the previous owner has tried to put chemi weld or some type of sealant through the motor before he sold it to me, most of the cooling system is nearly completely blocked. this was a overheat waiting to happen. The bores are screwed, they are pitted and rusted. The motor got hot enough to actually miss shape the cam belt boxes they are all slightly melted. So its put in the mpfi motor and out with the turbo. I will have to see if the spider manifold will match up or its a standard mpfi for me lol.
  5. Hi Gang Im in the middle of stripping and fixing a turbo ea 82 (1988 spider manifold) that has blown head gaskets. If i wanted to replace the motor with a mpfi 82 (1989 normal manifold). is it achievable. I assume i have to replace the exhaust, computer plumbing to airbox. Is there anything else. Can i use the spider manifold. Any information would be appreciated. Cheers Pete
  6. hi back sorry i just found your message

  7. Thanks for the answer . it gives me options Cheers Pete
  8. Hi Gang I have a turbo 89 with a blown motor, i was going to put a mpfi 89 engine in it to tie over while i rebuild the turbo engine. Will i need to swap the turbo ecu or will it run the mpfi ok. Cheers Pete
  9. Thanks Gang I m not up to putting a ej22 in yet $ pending. Im not wanting to up boost or hotrodding the car. At the momment i just want to find reasonable fix for cooked motor. So i was going to use a MPFI and add on the outer bits, retapp oil feed etc. Cheers Pete
  10. If the head is only leeking from the waterjacket to the out side of the head like mine was then you will get a increase in temp, but the motor will run ok. usualy when your head leeks the other way into the oil gallery you get white oily mayonaise looking emulsion. People will poo poo the idea, but a product called "Metalic seal up" will solve it untill you can do the head gasket. this product wont leave massive amounts of gunk in the radiator and motor like alot of other products. There is no subitute for a HG change though. Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Gang I have a blown turbo 88 Ea82. If i use a non turbo MPFI Ea82 and have the head tapped for the turbo oil line and change the water pump etc, will the increased compression of the MPFI be a hinderance for the car. ( 9 .5 compaired to 8.5) Its not a car im going to be using for hooning. Its a XT 4wd . Is there anything i should know i havent allowed for. Thanks Pete
  12. Ive cleaned my 85 xt radiator twice by taking off the left side tank and rodding the cores. I made a rod from the metal strap off a brick pallet then grinding the width to suit the inside diameter of the core . A small set of wire cutters with one cutting edge ground down was used to open the locking tabs. Cheers Pete
  13. Hi Gang Ive used a product called 'metalic seal up ' many times over the years . if fills the wear spot with metal particals then bonds together. but you can remove the heads with no probs and it doesnt clog up everything with crap. The best run so far was 5 years without having to do the head on a ford . Cheers Pete
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