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  1. dragonwingsubaru

    subie is gone

    well all im outta here 4 good, i wont be back so dont bother responding, at least not to me, since i wont be back, usmb is now removed from the favorites listtake care all and thanks to those who did help me when i asked for help. :banana:
  2. dragonwingsubaru

    subie is gone

    well my subie was gone to its new owner,a member of this board. as for me ill be lurking around the board for the next week or so then ill be gone as well. and unlike most of you i wont be getting another subaru after all the headaches ive had with this 1 so so long and farewell im outta the subie game 4 good
  3. dragonwingsubaru


    thats about the general idea of the same exact thing im planning to do, though i havent factered in any cutting of frames or anything since im still undecided as to what powerplant and frame i will use,or for that matter if it will be 4wd or rwd, i do plan on working to get the frame and body to blend together though as i never liked the look of seeing the frame a foot below the body and the curve of the frame tells you that it doesnt belong.
  4. dragonwingsubaru

    full frame swap

    im dredgeing up this topic again rather than starting another 1 about pretty much the same thing, well as some of you have probably i got most everything in the running gear part of my sooby up for sale, i am doing a full frame swap on it just still undecided on what to go with, i dont want something that looks like that goofy looking brat even if that 1 is just for show. im also undecided if i want to go 2 wd or 4wd, i know just like 2 weeks ago somebody had a 2wd 95 dakota with the v6 and 5spd in it that was a rollover so the body was crap but it still drove great and they sold it for $200 so i missed that 1, but im looking for opinions on what vehicles (frames ) might be an easier bit of work to get the wagon body to lay flat, btw i have an 85 gl wagon, i mainly looking around the idea of a v6 or v8 motor, but also not wanting to spend a fortune on just getting the vehicle just for the frame either so obviously dont want a rare hard to find type of vehicle for this, so does anybody know of anything with at least a somewhat simular wheelbase??? and if i go with a 4wd it doesnt matter if the wheels stick out since theres no legality issues on that here
  5. dragonwingsubaru

    rear adjustable strut question

    np and have fun lol you will have to still put a little muscle into getting them to turn but its not 2 bad
  6. dragonwingsubaru

    rear adjustable strut question

    you have to compress the spring to adjust that bottom piece and on the highest setting with good springs, i got about 1 1/2 inches out of it when i adjusted that up on my wagon
  7. dragonwingsubaru


    as far as im concerned you can just KMA considering every time something breaks its something different, and gee it seems funny every other car i own and work on runs perfect!!!!
  8. dragonwingsubaru


    probably because he is the same as me and likes the sooby body but hates the sooby problems, i personally have had the hood up on mine so many times that ive thought about removeing it completely just so i dont have to have it up constantly lol. im assuming since you are saying its 10 inches shorter you are probably talking about a s10 blazer? i say go for it i think it would be fun to have a subaru with a real rumble and some horsepower, ive toyed with the idea myself a few times but every time some good donor vehicle stuff comes up for sale im always too broke to get it.
  9. dragonwingsubaru

    lift/mods/tires for my Soob. I missed the FAQ. . .

    and the next line after that was trim till it doesnt run, this person asked how much without trimming. i think somebody needs to add something to that list giving aprox sizes without trimming, i would do it myself just so i dont have to see this same question for the 51'st time in the last year, except i have already trimmed my fenders up to fit the 27's i have. people need to stop pointing others to this thread with the question of "how much without trimming" until somebody actually puts a tire size in here. just my opinion.
  10. dragonwingsubaru

    lift/mods/tires for my Soob. I missed the FAQ. . .

    you know every time ive seen this question pop up, the answer everytime has been to look in that post but ive even looked through it myself and it says nothing about what the largest tire size you can fit under stock is, and any other searching will most likely bring up the very same answer that was just giving, or maybe im just blind and cant see them. on your question i cant say for sure, if you have the adjustable suspension then it will open up your options a little more, i myself went right from stock to 235/75 15's which took alot of trimming to fit with only a rear shock extension and adjusted up suspension ide say with the adjustable suspension you might be able to fit a 24 in AT maybe, or whatever that compares to on the other type of sizeing
  11. dragonwingsubaru

    ? for those who have removed ac compressor on ea82

    granted i havent started it yet since im still putting the finishing touches on hooking everything up, but with the part where the ac bracket bolts to the main bracket and where it bolts to the manifold, and also adding a bolt and nut where one of the ac bolts used to be it seems quite sturdy, at least sturdy enough to shake the entire car while yanking on it without the bracket moving at all, course my alt sits a little bit differently anyways since im running a gm alt on it forgot to mention that my ac compressor was in between my alt and my ps pump as well
  12. just a food for thought for you when you go to put on the ps pump bracket it is a hell of a lot easier if you take off the manifold first. was putting my motor back together today and put the intake on first then realized 2 of the bolts are pretty much underneath the carb area, made it a real pita to bolt back up, i got it but it took like a 1/2 hour just to bolt on 3 bolts!!!!
  13. dragonwingsubaru

    ? for those who have removed ac compressor on ea82

    jrwood ive seen ppl doing that type of thing b4 on some of the 4x4 sites, i just decided to pull mine off since 1 i had everything unbolted on the top of the motor to do a head gasket and 2 because i havent even has any hoses going to it for the last 10 months, ac is overall pretty useless to me, among other things it wastes 2 much gas. 85sub4wd thanks for the info guess ill need to figure out what size belt im gonna need to use there then, and as for the ac compressor needing to keep lubed as i said above i havent had any hoses on it for a while and other than occasionally pouring some oil in the holes every month or 2 it never siezed up, for that matter it still seemed to work just like it should, .
  14. those of you with ea82's that have removed your ac compressor, are you guys just running 1 belt to cover the ps,alt,and waterpump or are you running a 2nd shorter 1 in the place of the 1 that was taking off when the compressor was taken off??? just trying to figure out if i should run 1 or 2
  15. dragonwingsubaru


    well i live in a warmer climate over all and i run 20w50 in any vehicle i have with over 150k on it(hey that all 3 lol)except for my benz since its a diesel