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    dog lover, artisan craftsman and gullible fool and unlucky to boot
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  1. So in case anyone is following this. A breakdown truck took me back to the garage. They re-did the timing saying it had moved all by itself and I needed a crankshaft sensor. The sensor was fine in the end. Car was driving good when I left. 18 hours later a rushing air sound happened then stopped. The exhaust got noisy and the engine management lights are back on. 500 quid well spent
  2. hi, i wish i undertood this, i think if id been a mechanic and not a plasterer my life wouldve been much easier. the car is such a mess now im gutted.
  3. so if anyone reads this, i took the steps to reset the ecu by disconnecting the battery and following the steps. the car now is un-driveable. cuts out, wont start properly. not enough power to the steering or brakes to safely drive, engine warning lights now on too. car has zero power then rpm shoots to 4000 and down again. total shambles. gutted.
  4. hello, thanks for the input, would misfires be obvious? theres no pops or bangs, it felt really quite responsive acceleratring, but slowing down a little wobbly then extreme shaking at idle. its confusing me as it is performing well otherwise. really worried ive just spent 500 quid on wrecking my car.
  5. Hi all/anyone Im brand new to subaru, i have a very well looked after 55 plate forester. had the timing belt done today and a blowing exhaust patched. the car now sounds like a tornado jet with a harley up its back end. its faster. and more responsive but the idle is shocking. the car visibly shakes. i put my phone on the car roof to show the motion as my phone rattled on the roof. the mechanic ive known for ten years said all timing is bang on and it might settle...hmmm. or to reset the ecu by disconnecting the battery. it is very bad at idle , the shaking is ridiculous. any thoughts on what i should or could do? thanks ryan